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A day of chores

Old What’s her Face* took Otto to Nevada this weekend. That left me to my own devices, and I have some chores to take care of.

I started out early to avoid the heat. I watered all the potted plants and baskets, then trimmed up my crab apple tree. Part of it decided to grow downward, as apples will, and the weight of the fruit had it covering the lawn. I sawed off three branches as thick as my arm and dragged them out front. I need to cut them up for the garbage man, but need a better temperature. Maybe tomorrow. This is green wood, plus fruit. I swear I’ve dragged mule deer bucks that weighed less than the biggest branch.

I sprayed Sevin on my fruit trees next. This is a mild insecticide, intended for vegetable gardens. Coddling Moth can ruin my fruit, and the Sevin usually takes care of them without resorting to crop dusters or anything. It was a bonus having Otto gone for a few days, because the lawn will water a couple of times before he returns, and he doesn’t climb trees (yet).

I was still driving on the factory tires that came with my Tundra. I checked the tread and knew it wasn’t looking too good. When I got it serviced a couple of weeks ago they confirmed it. Today I waited at Les Schwab while they installed four new ones. Tires are ungodly expensive these days, but I don’t want to drag the camper to the coast on four old baldies either.

While I was out, I picked up ink cartridges for the printer. These are expensive too, and we use a lot of ink around here. It’s gotten to the point where I can almost by a new printer for the cost of ink cartridges. I haven’t loaded them yet, because I’m waiting for one more critique submission. If he doesn’t deliver it this weekend, I may not be able to work on it before we meet.

I spent the hot hours indoors with my next Notebook. I did a bunch of word searches. It’s interesting how target words show up inside other words. There shows up in gathered, was shows up in wash, etc. I also finished a comprehension pass.

I have a few more passes, but will be asking for beta readers soon. Maybe even sometime this week. Cover art is coming, and I want to release this at the end of summer some time. I have a rough plan, but some of it depends on my book club.

Rest of the evening? Since baseball is a pay-per-view option these days, maybe I’ll crack open a beer and watch a movie.

*Not my wife’s actual name


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Am I ever not busy?

I started off reading blogs and checking Amazon like a manic author. Sales slowed since the first big spike, but they're still happening, so yay.

About my third cup of coffee, I modified a couple of short stories, then wrote a Macabre Macaroni style micro-fiction. It needs some help, but it exists; therefore, it can be repaired.

I took my truck to the body shop. It's going to take a week to do the repairs, and they have to take the bed off. I need a new running board, and he's going to check my alignment. My insurance will provide me with wheels during that week.

I took a week off work, and it happens to be that week. My son and I are going fishing one day and he's going to have to drive. I plan on doing some marketing and writing that week too. I took a gander at my novel, and it needs words. There is nothing wrong with it, and I've figured out my issues. Now I need to write it.

When I got home, I pulled out my loppers and saw and attacked the peach tree. There are about 500 pounds of branches to run through my chipper. I'll let them dry for a week and try it. There are a few open flowers on it, and I'm not worried. Pruning this late may stunt the tree, but that's a bonus. It's a backyard tree and doesn't need to be fifteen feet tall.

I still have a crabapple to prune. Maybe I'll tackle it tomorrow. There's also a huge climbing rose, but it needs to green up a little so I can tell which parts need pruned.

My wife took her break at work and logged on to The Morrison Center to buy tickets. This venue holds 5000 people. Over the course of five days they will hold eight performances. The whole thing sold out in fourty-five minutes. Their system crashed because of all the traffic. She called the box office instead. We are two of the lucky people who have tickets to see The Book of Mormon in July. Other people stuck with the Internet, and didn't get tickets. We have to go on a Sunday afternoon, but we're going.

Now I have to figure out how to pay for all this. “Psst, hey buddy, wanna buy a book?” I could probably make money by re-selling my tickets, but my wife would kill me.


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Non writing work & why is the rum always gone?

I took an hour to read blogs this morning, then Old What’s Her Face* wanted me to deal with the peach tree. The peaches are starting to go bad, and there are too many of them. She wanted enough for a crisp recipe she found.

I harvested this time with the pruning shears. Whole branches of peaches yielded what we needed and the rest went in the trash. I saved one basket for the pseudo son-in-law and set aside some special ones for my own project.

There are still quite a few on the tree, and it isn’t too hard to find a fresh one even now. This is a backyard tree and stunting its growth is the goal. That’s why I’m pruning heavily right now.

Tonight my wife made burgers on some wonderful kaiser rolls she found. I had mine with morels we gathered and froze about a month ago. It was heavenly. Then I introduced my crazy plan.

I gave Old What’s Her Face eight tiny flat peaches and asked her to grill them for me. This intensifies the sweetness, and softens them up. After dinner, I rubbed the burnt skins off, pitted them, and threw them in the blender with a glurg of honey.

And then… Wait. What the… Why is the rum always gone?

Right. Adapt, improvise, and improve. It’s time for grilled peach Margaritas.


In a Moai Head no less

I actually have proper Margarita glasses, but I wanted to use my Moai glasses. Wish you were here, Rachel.

So I didn’t get any editing done today. I got a very generous offer from a blog friend, and the Moai is helping me generate an idea.

Hmmm, maybe a peaches and cream Margarita???

* Not my wife’s real name.


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