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Merry Christmas everyone

It’s time to be with family and friends. I’ll be squeezing in some work projects in the quiet hours, but they won’t be on the blog. We have grandchildren to visit and holiday cheer to spread.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas. I’ll be back later this week. Lisa produced this poster as her gift to all the collectors out there, and she wishes you a Merry Christmas too.

Lisa Burton

Lisa Burton hacking in here. I told Craig to tell everyone I only wear fake fur. You know I love animals. Merry Christmas to everyone. Now I’m off to wrap some vegetables for Bunny’s Christmas.


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Happy Thanksgiving

Today is a national holiday here in the USA. We set this day aside to give thanks for the benefits we’ve enjoyed in the previous year. Unfortunately, it’s changed from a day of feasting and family to a minor event.

Christmas shopping is the big deal, and we want to forget all about the Pilgrims, Indians, and turkeys. I have to work tomorrow, so my family will have to do their Black Friday shopping without me – darn it.

I’m thankful for the many friends I’ve made through this medium. I’ve met mentors, mentees, fans, friends, and colleagues here. I hope next year brings even more.

I find inspiration in many places, music, people watching, film, and art. Today, I want to talk about art. There is an outstanding artist named, Jaroslav Weiczorkiewicz. He is a photographer with mad Photoshop skills. He is replicating the old-school pinup art, but putting his unique spin on things. He basically throws milk at his models, and takes thousands of photographs of the resulting splash. Then he goes into the studio and uses Photoshop to create one image of the model wearing a milk dress.

These have been around for a few years now, and I was always impressed by them. It takes a unique mind to come up with something like this, and a patient and talented person to pull off the final product.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, Lisa Burton would like to remind you all to save room for dessert today. Happy Thanksgiving from Entertaining Stories.

Lisa Burton


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