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A Monday in which I act stupid

I’m having a blast on this blog tour. It goes on all week, and I’ll keep re blogging stuff. Monday is one of my regular days, and I need something original. Here are a couple of stupid observations.

My wife is addicted to smelly things in our house. (No, not me, before Doobster shows up.) I’m talking about plug in air fresheners, candles, and anything else you come up with. I think they’re watching me. Look for yourself.



We we also got this Christmas card. It made me wonder what Santa does in his off hours. Winters are long and cold up north.


Hint, it’s actually upside down.

That’s it for tonight, but I owed you something.



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A Little Blogging Help, Please

When I post something and include pictures, it ruins my formatting from the picture southward. I’ve edited the posts and added extra returns to prove I know what a paragraph is. The repair doesn’t take.

Can anyone offer some advice so this won’t happen again? Advice on repairing my older posts is also welcome.

Update: I went to the Forum, and Timethief helped me out. In the visual editor, it requires a “shift/enter” to do what I need. She also said in the text editor, it would only take adding the return.

Thanks to everyone for your help in this. I still have some things to check out, based upon your suggestions.


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