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Projects and family

I managed to assemble a future Lisa Burton Radio interview early this morning, but that was about it. I don't actually have a lot of projects looming right now, so I feel pretty good about this. I hit it hard during my time off and cleared some space.

Our daughter was here, and we all had a nice visit this morning. She and my wife went to the mall, but I still didn't get a lot done. Otto was pretty lively, and I admit to spending a good chunk of time playing with him. About all I managed to do was add one line to my list of short stories. It isn't a bad idea and might make a decent Macabre Macaroni someday.

My main goal now is to finish the first draft of The Yak Guy Project. After that comes several rounds of edits on The Enhanced League. Right now it's looking like Monday is my best opportunity. I have the post over at Story Empire that day, so I'll have to monitor comments more closely. At least I hope there are comments to monitor. It's an opinion piece about “write what you know,” and I'm trying to be opinionated this time.

We had date night at Red Lobster, and got our cheddar biscuit fix. It was a nice date, but we're back home now. Nothing too spectacular, just a few hours together.

Party day was a big success once more. It started off a little slow but that was my fault. Club rules are to send in a link before it goes live so they can include it on the tour page – piece of cake. They also want the post to go live around midnight Central Daylight time. I always schedule for midnightish, so that's what I did. Then I rolled back the time by a couple of hours to make sure it was live when the club expected it to be.

Yeah, when you roll back prior to midnight it doesn't change the date. This means I had it scheduled about 23 hours later than it was supposed to be.

I got it fixed about 4:30AM and sent an emergency email to the club. They fixed me up, but it took several hours. I know I missed some of the early traffic, but it was completely my fault. What a rookie.

There was still a lot of sharing, and some great comments. I gained blog followers too. Every little bit helps. The club will tell me who won the mugs, and I hope to get them sent out PDQ.

There may be a week long delay in shipping. My paycheck job is sending me to Louisville on Tuesday for a convention. I'm excited to go somewhere new, even though I'll be working most of the time. Maybe I'll see something interesting to share with you while I'm on the road. Is there anything I can't miss while I'm there?

I keep thinking about how one week later might have been more interesting, and caused me to stay a few extra days at my own expense. I've always wanted to attend the Kentucky Derby, and I'll miss it by one week. I have a hunch some bourbon will get sampled as a consolation prize.


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Employee relations

I sat my iPad in my lap and rubbed the bridge of my nose. I decided to do my editing in the paranormal office. The sound of Uptown Funk drifted down from Lisa's room. “What's going on up there, and do we have any more coffee?”
A sound, like taffeta along the walls, worked its way downstairs and turned the corner. Lisa stood in the doorway and placed her hands on her hips.

“What the? That isn't appropriate attire for the office. What–“

“Stop right there. You approved my day off months ago. I'm at an online party with the girls, so you can just make your own coffee.”

“Girls? How many girls?”

“There's me, Faith–“

“Your therapist?”

“My friend. Then there's Helena, Patty, Laura, Vicky, Lindsay Pennington, oh and Lorelei. Eight of us.”

“You brought Lindsay Pennington here? Do we even have arson insurance?”

“It's an online party. I'm the only one here.”

I waved my hand from her head to toe. “What's this all about?”

“I found a cute little shop that sells retro lingerie. It works with my personal style. Lindsay used crepe paper to make wings that look like fire. Then she put on a pair of Spanks she bedazzled. We all laughed hysterically.”

“But why?”

“We're getting ready for the big fashion show. Lorelei has this cute Greek toga thing that's slit up the leg, and cut down to here. She put her wings on her shoes to stick with her theme.”

“Et tu, Lorelei?”



“I have to hand out virtual chocolate, and Faith is handing out virtual champagne.”

“But Patty, Laura, and Vicky are underage.”

“It's virtual champagne.”

“Those girls didn't have internet in the 1970s.”

“I may have hooked them up. I need to get back, it's almost my turn on the catwalk again.”

“You built a catwalk up there?”

“No. It's just part of our party.” She looked off into space and spoke. “Hi, Lorelei. Yeah, he's playing twenty questions. I'll be back in a second.”

“Phone call?”

“Yeah, they want me back.”

“So you decided to throw a big party before the fashion show?”

“Oh sure, let someone schedule a football game and guys break out grills, crack open beers, and fart–“

“We don't fart.”

“Would you like me to do a chemical analysis of the air in this room?”


“The fashion show is something for the girls, and we decided to have our own party.”

“Maybe I'd better check it out. What's the address?”

She pointed a gloved finger at me. “Oh no you don't. Girls only. That way nobody judges us, and we can have our own fun.”

“What's everyone else wearing?”

“The teenagers got together and all wore butterfly wings. Patty is so cute now that she can wear fun shoes. Faith has a California Angels motif going on. Then Helena has a giant black hood and cape with black wings to suit her angel of death job.”

“And did Helena's henchman get to attend?”

“No, girls only. We're having fun, and we only get to have fun if someone isn't picking about cellulite, or commenting about who looks better than someone else. Then we're all going to watch our show together. Now, unless you want to start paying me overtime, I have to go.”

She turned back towards the stairs as Legs by ZZ Top trickled down from her room.

I glanced over at the enchanted beer horns. “Boys, what say we start beer time early today.” They came running and curled against my ankles like two cats.


As an explanation to any new readers, Lisa is the main character in Wild Concept. She is a robot and works as my personal assistant these days. Faith is also in Wild Concept. Lindsay Pennington is a supporting character in Arson. Patty, Laura, and Vicky are all in Will O' the Wisp. Lorelei is my Muse, and makes regular blog appearances. Helena, the Angel of Death, is coming soon in The Playground.


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Back-To-School Book & Blog Block Party

Today it’s my turn at the Rave Reviews Book Club’s big party. The party runs all through the month of September, and it features some cool prizes. One of the first things I’m supposed to post is whatever today’s prize is. I’ll do that, but first I want to tell you about this great club.

RRBC is made up of authors and readers. We support each other by helping spread the word about each other’s books. I’ve been the beneficiary of this support on several occasions. I was a Push Tuesday recipient. I was promoting Panama at the time, and my Twitter feed blew up before I even got out of bed. I entered a little friendly competition regarding blogging about the club and won that about six months later. My prize was a week long blog tour all set up by folks who know what they are doing. Last week I was selected as Member of the Week. It was good timing with my book release, and I doubt there’s anyone left on social media who hasn’t seen my cool cover.

I’m only giving away one prize today, but I think it’s a good one. I’ve already pre-paid for a one year membership to the Rave Reviews Book Club. I’d like to encourage folks to join, and this is my attempt. If you’re already a member, I’ll extend the winner’s membership for another year. You can check out the club at this link: RRBC. The way to enter is to leave a comment here today. Winners will be posted here tomorrow. I already won a free book, and they notified me by email too.

I’m supposed to tell readers about my wares today. I’ll just say that I write speculative fiction and leave it at that. There’s more info in my sidebar and on the ‘about me’ page. I want to have some fun at this party too. So here we go:


Dawn filtered through the trees just east of the writing cabin. I gathered up an armful of stuff from the refrigerator and shoved it into a cooler before dragging it into the paranormal office. Nothing too scary, a few shrunken heads and one old hand of glory.

I made sure the Will O’ the Wisp was safe in its bell jar before yelling up the stairs. “Lisa*, can you throw the Raven of Doubt in here too before we lock the door? I don’t want any of our visitors to walk away with a head full of doubts.”

Lisa and Doubt

“No problem, boss. Then I’ll set up that cask of Dwarven lager for your guests.”

“Oh my God, what are you wearing?”

“You said it was a party.”

“That’s more red carpet than what I had in mind.”

“Fine. I’ll change then. Maybe you prefer overalls and my straw hat.”

“There’s no time. Cars are coming up the driveway right now. Is my tie straight?”

“You look fine. Relax, the cabin’s nice this time of year. I haven’t seen a wolf since the migration last Spring. I even put all your carnivorous plants in the basement. You don’t want one belching in front of your friends.”

“Okay, you tend the bar, and try to stay out of trouble. I’ll mingle and have some fun today.”

“You need it. You’ve been wound up like an eight day clock.”

“What did you say?”

“I said, don’t forget to tell everyone about the free paper dolls at the top of the page.”

Good idea, the ‘Look Free Stuff’ tab. Okay, remember to smile. As my spokes model, we want people to like you.”

“Everyone likes me. It’s you I’m worried about.”

*Lisa Burton is the main character in my first novel. She’s a robot, and serves as my assistant out at the writing cabin these days. She’s also the official spokes model for Entertaining Stories.


I hope everyone enjoys my stop on the party tour. Have a beer, look around, click some book covers. Avoid the basement.

My new book, The Experimental Notebook of C. S. Boyack is on pre-order right now from Amazon. This is a book of short stories and micro-fiction. I’m only asking 99ยข and would really appreciate a few more early sales. Amazon will deliver your books tomorrow. (That’s why I picked today as my party stop.)

In October I’m running a blog series I call Macabre Macaroni. This involves me posting a new micro-fiction every week for the month. I’m asking folks to contribute artwork to display with the stories. The theme is Macabre Macaroni. I will include all of your links when I display the art. If I only get one, I’ll display it every week. If I get too many, I may have to do a separate art post to cover them all.

Note for Jason Zandry, kids can send in stuff too. The stories will be more Goosebumps than Stephen King.

Tacky stuff is welcome here too. If you want to send me a macabre picture you made by glueing dried macaroni to a board, I’ll display it. Maybe some of you have mad photoshop skills and can create a dish of maneating macaroni, send it over. Macaroni with tentacles or medical waste would be awesome. I’d love to see what you come up with. Let’s avoid anything that might be adult themed though, please. Artists are welcome to contact me at: Coldhand (dot) Boyack (at) gmail (dot) com.

Ya’ll come back now.

Update: To bring closure to the contest. The winner of the fully paid membership in Rave Reviews Book Club is Ali Isaac. Wonderful addition to our book club.


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Three Important Things

I’ll get to the main one first, since some of you skim. I responded to Rachel Carrera’s request for writers to appear on her blog. She asked me to address a sequence of questions, and promote my writing a bit.

My guest appearance is Friday, March 21st. Please check out Rachel’s blog and tell her I said, “Hi.” Here’s the link: Rachel Carrera, Novelist.

Next: I’m going to be a bit quieter this weekend. My father turns 80 this weekend, and we’re going to his party. This requires a visit to Nevada, some food, and adult beverages.

I’m not saying I’ll be silent, but there won’t be any new fiction written to discuss. You can always visit Rachel Carrera, Novelist, if you get bored.

Finally: I sent a long email to Lisa*. I told her I wouldn’t be around at all this weekend, and probably wouldn’t be available until the 28th. She’s going to use the tractor and plow the runway out at the cabin. That way it can dry for a week or so.

Oh, Lisa says “Hi”.

* Lisa is the main character in my novel, Wild Concept. She’s a robot and works as my assistant these days. Check it out on Amazon.


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