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Huh! Grandma was wrong

My wife returned to Idaho at about the same time as my son took us to his house. This turned out lucky, because she picked me up and took me home.

When we walked in the house, the swarm was back. The fruit flies had returned with a vengeance. I was feeling pretty smug about sealing my sourdough starter in a ziplock bag and the swarm disappeared. What brings them around once more is beyond my knowledge. Maybe there was a pineapple peel in the garbage or something.

My wife wanted to try one of the suggestions everyone left on my previous post. She also went to the store and bought two special glue sticks. These are like designer flypaper. If you knew my wife it would make perfect sense. These little sticks have a cup at the bottom and the instructions are to put some kind of bait in there. One squeeze of honey from the honey bear and we were all set.

She also grabbed two cereal bowls, poured in some apple cider vinegar, and wrapped them in Saran Wrap. Then we both poked holes in the wrapper to allow the flies inside.

My grandmother was a sweet, but uneducated woman. She loved to spout philosophy, but attributed it all to the Bible. Some of it was Greek in origin, much of it was from Shakespeare, but to her it was all from the bible.

The swarm is still with us, but the traps are working well. All except for the glue sticks, which hadn’t done a thing. It turns out you actually catch more flies with vinegar. (Sorry, Grandma.) It appears this myth is busted.

I added vinegar over the top of the honey, and the sticks are covered with fruit flies within a half hour.

I’m pushing to bring in some Shell No-Pest Strips, but my wife isn’t having it. They work well, but have a medicinal smell to them. There also isn’t a designer version.


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Mythbusters Live

My wife and I had a blast at the live Mythbusters show last night. Adam is pretty funny, and Jamie is just like you’d expect.

Anyone who gets the chance should consider going to this show. Now if Alton Brown would just come here the cycle will be complete.

Time to pack my clothes and head for Thanksgiving in Nevada. This time it really will be blog silence for awhile.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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