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Busy all day

It doesn’t seem like much really, but I was busy all day today. Otto decided to wake me up around six o’clock. After feeding dogs and making coffee, I started on social media. This may seem like a waste of time, but with a new book release I wanted to stay on top of things.

About the time of my second cup, I started sending out the pre-written blog posts. This involves some extra steps with my iPad, but once you fall into the rhythm, it isn’t bad. I have to copy the Amazon universal link, then convert my post to Word. I email the Word copy from Apple Pages. This prevents me from accessing another Pages document until I either delete the email or send it. However, I’ve already copied the link, so all I had to do was paste it in the email.

I can freely go to any other app, so I then copied the book blurb from Amazon and pasted it into the email. Beyond that it was a matter of attaching a cover, and in some cases a Lisa Burton poster, and sending it into cyberspace. Social media is easy, because it’s always in my email signature. All my hosts have to do is copy and paste at their end.

The only things I failed to send were an author photo and bio. It’s probably better to have it, but it’s done now.

I got so wrapped up in this, I forgot to call my parents. Mom called me after a reasonable time. “Oh yeah, Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.” Son of the year here.

Like I said, it doesn’t seem like much, but I sent ten of these out today. Between mailings, I checked in on the post over at Charles Yallowitz’s place to respond to comments. I also shared it everywhere I could think of, and tweeted it out a couple of times.

The week ahead of me will involve sharing, responding, and participating as much as I can on the tour posts.

There have been a handful of sales, but the only promo is my post, and the one Charles put up. Can’t be disappointed at that. It’s moved into triple digits as a dystopian novel. My hope is to move into double digits on one of the lists, but the next ten days will tell that tale.

My plea today is for early sales. If you’re interested in this one, a sale now has more benefit to me than one in December. They’re all special, but that’s a fact of a new release. You can read it in December, and that won’t matter. A rapid cluster of sales will help me get onto a list, which could cause Amazon to help spread the word.

Enough about that for now. Tonight, I’m going to watch a baseball game and drink a beer. (And probably surf through Charles’ post a couple more times between innings.)

Back to the office tomorrow to start dealing with the fallout of the two crazy weeks previous. Hope all of you had a good weekend, and a Happy Mother’s Day where appropriate.


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Tomorrow, definitely tomorrow

I didn't get any new words down today. I did work on a couple of promotional projects for my existing books. The whole world seems to have slowed down in the last few weeks, and I need to jar the mechanism somewhere.

Psst, hey buddy, want to buy a book?”

I have something else in mind too, but I want to spend some quality time writing it out before approaching The Storyreading Ape. It's an open invitation I've been meaning to get to.

I don't know whether it's graduation plans, wedding, or vacation plans, but the world seems to have slowed down. My blog stats are down, my sales are down. It might be because I had so much going on at the paycheck job, or because I went to Jackson for a few days. Let's just say I'm trying some things to remedy all that.

I spent some time reading a book I've neglected for a long time. It's a fun story, I just had too much going on in the real world. I still have stuff going on, but I'm stopping by the writing cabin tomorrow come Hell or high water. (Either of which could occur at the writing cabin.)

I also managed to get through my critique feedback. I'm about as ready as I ever get to sling electronic ink. The bills are paid, I have no excuses.

Tonight it's all about Game of Thrones and a decent night's sleep. There might be pizza and beer involved, all of which is good.

Hoping you all had a productive Sunday, or got to celebrate Mother's Day in the USA. How goes the struggle? Tell me in the comments.


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