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Happy Wednesday

I’ve been slacking off on the blog, because I’ve been doing a lot of things that don’t relate to the author’s life. When I do, they aren’t the sexy things. One of the things I’ve always done is share this life – warts and all, so that’s what today is about.

I spent the last week in a trade conference for my paycheck job. There weren’t a lot of extra hours available. Next week, I’m going to Texas for a conference that is more directly related to what I do. All part of the job.

This week was my week to catch up… except… we scheduled job interviews. This is because all of us on the interview team have been in and out for a month. The other two members are tied up for the next two weeks.

There is an outside chance that I can make some real progress on Friday, so I have my fingers crossed.

On the writing front, this was my flex day, and I spent it working on the stuff nobody ever talks about. It’s part of the writing life, and it has to get done too.

I wrote a post for Story Empire that will go live next week. I also assembled and scheduled a Lisa Burton Radio interview. I mention this, because this stuff takes time. It has value, so I forge ahead. It has value to me, and it helps other authors too. If you haven’t checked out Story Empire, you might want to cruise over. There is a wealth of information authors can take advantage of.

I dedicated a big part of this morning to finishing up a book I’ve been reading. I fiddled around with this for far too long, and I needed to finish it. I even resorted to reading one chapter on my 30 minute lunch breaks. At least I got four chapters per week that way. It was a wonderful story, and I gave the author a five star review on three different sites.

Time. It’s all about time, which seems to be in short supply these days.

I like to read on airplanes, but I like to find things I don’t necessarily have to finish. This time, I have a couple of craft books saved that I might dive into. Other flight, I’ve chosen short story collections, or even novellae, because I can finish them. (I made that word up, but novellae seems like it should be right.)

On Tuesday, I got another Lisa Burton poster via email. (It looks really cool too.) That means I have the Lanternfish cover, plus two promotional posters. I ordered the last one, and it looks like I’ll be able to meet my winter publication deadline pretty easily.

To round out my day off, I worked through nine chapters of Lanternfish. I found a few things to correct, even though this is about my third pass. Good news is that I’m really enjoying the story still. I think that bodes well for my future readers.

I nearly wrote that I worked through nine innings of my book. Can you tell I’ve been watching the baseball playoffs? I don’t have a dog in this fight, but the games have been very good. (I’m not cheering for any specific team, but I’m glad the National League will go back to Front Row Amy’s ballpark.) There’s one on right now, and I’d better get back to it.


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A little of this, a little of that

I’m just doing another flyby because I’m loaning my blog space out a bit in the next few weeks. I decided to rant and joke around for five minutes.

I kind of hate bicycle and helmet lights today. Some of those things are so bright that if I put them on my truck I’d get a ticket. Someone had one so bright this morning that I couldn’t see the road ahead of me.

I’m kind of tired of baseball players showboating too. You’ve probably seen what I’m talking about. Someone gets a hit, and immediately has to kiss a medallion, or cross himself, before pointing at the sky. One guy, yeah I get it. That would be similar to Tebow. Every guy is just grandstanding. They almost look at the camera before pointing upward to make sure the crew caught the image. Kind of doubt God played any role at all in your base hit. If he’s responsible, let’s get him under contract instead.

I’ll probably piss someone off, but I’m down on all the NFL antics regarding the National Anthem too. When you’re in uniform you represent your employer. I have to attend meetings at my paycheck job where the Pledge of Allegiance is recited. I have a hunch if I took a knee it wouldn’t go over too well. Players can feel however they want, but be aware of your responsibilities too. My readers can feel however you want too, but this is how I feel. Note: You’re not going to change my mind.

I’m also sick of the football players who jump in front of the camera and make the call for the officials. They’re wrong almost every time, and their calls always favor their own team. These days they call field goals, fumbles, recoveries, incomplete passes and everything else. Just do your job guys and let the officials do theirs.

Once upon a time, there was an old character actor whose name escapes me. He had a side gig as the Maytag Repairman. Time marched on, and he got replaced, again-and-again. Ronald McDonald was portrayed by multiple actors. Colonel Sanders died, and we have several new Colonel Sanderses Sandersees, whatever. Recently the most interesting man in the world got usurped by a new more interesting guy. I think you get my point here.

I am officially volunteering to be the new Hugh Hefner. I could live in that mansion and hang out with those girls, all for some kind of stipend that keeps me in smoking jackets and pajamas. I’ll also need an expense account to buy gifts for all the girls and that provides enough for legendary party expenses. Those lingere things and fancy shoes aren’t cheap.

How’s it going with all of you?


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So many things to blog about today

The best blog posts are about one topic. I have a lot to talk about, but I’m going to pick one. Maybe I’ll post again later.

Let’s talk about Tony La Russa. He was just appointed to the position of Chief Baseball Officer with the Arizona Diamondacks. Here’s the article I read: La Russa

This can be nothing but good news for the Diamondbacks. The team created a position, above the Manager and General Manager and gave it to one if the best people in baseball history.

The timing is important here, I think. The current GM is the one responsible for ruining this team. La Russa was brought in ahead of the draft. In my mind there’s now a babysitter to keep Towers from doing anymore stupid things.

Many of Towers’ trades served to deplete what was once the best farm system in Major League Baseball. It’s to the point where all the other general managers must get boners dreaming about a trade with the Diamondbacks. The trades have worked out really well for everyone else.

I’m one of the few that doesn’t blame Manager Kirk Gibson for the state of the team. I think he makes some dumb lineup decisions, but he can only field the players they give him. I think he’s salvageable, but if he doesn’t last I won’t be heartbroken. Many of the players he has are past their primes. They might as well try running out Ted Williams’ frozen head for all the good it would do them.

Right now the Diamondbacks are at 16 wins and 28 losses. Many of the losses are against division rivals. They’ve accomplished this dismal record in about six weeks or so. Something has to change, and I think it’s about to.

In my mind, La Russa was brought in as an axe man. (I mean, they created a position for him.) It will be his job to identify good replacements before he cuts the other people loose. He’ll probably lend his status to recruit people into the organization too. What young baseball guy wouldn’t want to claim working with La Russa on his resume.

La Russa has a tough job ahead of him. This year is over. The farm has already been harvested. It will be difficult to put a winning team on the field before 2016. I wish him all the luck in the world.


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Baseball Frustration

Opening day is right in front of us. Well, it’s ahead of us, and it already happened too. Arizona managed to dump two games in Australia already.

This is the time of year where everyone’s supposed to be tied for first. Arizona isn’t, but I still think bringing the sport to new markets is a good thing. If they’re going to quit televising the games, and make us all pay through the nose for a package on cable, they need a broader footprint to stay viable. Welcome to any new Australian fans out there.

Teams will trickle away between now and June, and this is normal. Only a few get to slug it out in August and September, the rest are just along for the ride, playing spoiler at best.

I thought the Diamonbacks made some cool trades during the off season, and it sounded like they might be pretty good. Injury reared its head already, and we have four wounded pitchers. Fans are usually optimistic, but this can’t be good.

There seems to be a rash of young players needing Tommy John surgery right now. I wish MLB would look into this instead of slowing the game down with instant replay. There has to be a reason for this wave of joint injuries, and it deserves a study.

Once upon a time, pitchers threw nine innings and they did it every day. I’m sure there were a ton of injuries, and medicine wasn’t modern enough to diagnose everything. There was an era of three man rotations, and a bullpen only had someone come in late to finish the game. Today we may get three or more relievers in one game.

It would appear that pitchers are throwing less, not more. This isn’t the case though. Young kids play baseball year round in some places. By the time they reach college, some of them have thrown more innings than the old timers did at the end of their career. Maybe elbows and shoulders all have a finite number of pitches in them. Maybe Tommy John surgery is like a ring job on your car.

I heard that Willie Mayes weighed in on why pitchers shouldn’t weight train. He said they need muscle in the lower body, but their greates asset is a flexible arm. A muscle bound strong arm may add velocity, but it’s easier to damage. Weight training is something all the pitchers do these days.

I get that baseball is big business. It’s probably better for the owners to have a great pitcher for two years than a decent pitcher for ten years. I’m afraid I’m talking about the same young man under different circumstances.

I think it’s time for MLB to look into this. They should sponsor some research that begins in Little League and assesses pitchers at every level up to MLB retirement.

It may sound like I’m bitching because my favorite team doesn’t have a top pitching staff this year. That isn’t my intent. They have a good pitching staff, but they’ll watch the games from the bullpen this year.

I’m still happy to watch some baseball this year. Television will have a few games on, but they’re almost always limited to the Yankees or Red Sox. I’d like to see my team play, and win. I just want the best team on the field for both sides. If they get beat, they get beat. I don’t like fielding a team based upon who isn’t injured today.


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