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Putting along

Sometimes people like progress reports, word counts, that kind of thing. This is that kind of post.

Wednesday was my rotating day off. I decided not to post then so John Howell could have the top slot for a bit longer. I checked this evening, and John & Lisa made it into my top ten posts of all time. Thank you everyone who hit the like button.

I wasn’t completely idle Wednesday. I added about 1500 words to the Yak Guy Project. I’m afraid this story is moving slow, but it has some big questions and moments in it. My solution is to write it, and worry about it later. If I need to reduce words in the early stages, I can manage that.

I need to make sure Yak Guy Ted has the hots for the new character. I have my doubts as to whether I’m pulling that off, but it’s functional for now. That way it will cause more damage when he finds out she’s pregnant with someone else’s child.

I’m pretty sure it needs some more metaphorical elements. I hacked one out where Ted is looking at the enormity of the wilderness, and getting a vague idea that the whole world is before him in more ways than one. Too corny?

I’m getting some great feedback on my short story. I really like the concept, and I’m enjoying the exercise in a new form (for me anyway). There is something off about the story, and feedback helped a bunch. I’m waiting to hear from one more before tackling it over the weekend.

With a little luck, I may wind up adding another tool to my kit in the form of epistolary style.

I have a hankering for some old school science fiction. This is the kind from an era where we didn’t know as much as we do today. People may hold that against me, but I started another short story. It involves a guy with a rocket pack and a fishbowl helmet. He probably needs a ray gun too. He lands on a planet, and gets an attitude adjustment.

I’m at 780 words on it with no set target. Yeah, I know he couldn’t pass through an atmosphere like it was nothing, but that’s the style from decades ago. Will people hate it? I have no idea, but I’m committed to writing it. If nothing else, it will be true to the era it reflects.

Yesterday, during my commute, Lorelei (my Muse) sent me another vignette. This one is kind of controversial and vulgar. I don’t know if I’ll write it or not. It’s in me, but doesn’t exactly fit my style. I haven’t spotted any speculative element in it at all. I’ll probably try to abandon it, unless the Muse insists.

In the off chance you’re curious, it involves a trailer trash type family. A young woman is trying to work herself away from these roots. Her mother is explaining what women do to make points with the male boss, and encouraging her to get on with that. Such a great mom.

Maybe this scene and characters will fit into a future novel.

That’s the story of my week. I’m writing this Thursday night, and it will go live mid-day Friday. I have some loose weekend goals, so we’ll see how it goes. Hope everyone is having a great week.


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