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Reasonable day’s work

Today was my writing day. Otto got me up before six o’clock this morning, and I just went with it.

I fed the dogs, checked social media, and did the usual morning goofing off. Then I reread my last chapter, made a few corrections and got started.

My pirate crew left the pseudo-Mediterranean country, and is once more at sea. I tried to give this stop a different flavor than they had in the last country. They had to shoot their way out of port there, this time they left without a hitch.

They nearly burned down a meadery, pissed off their enemies, and did some different kind of things at this stop. I’m pretty pleased with one section where they discuss a time after piracy, and what they might do. I think it makes them more complete, because they have hopes and dreams.

Some punishments were meted out aboard the ship, but there is no taking of lashes involved. They also captured a stowaway and decided to let him stay, but he’s on probation.

I also included a fun discussion about the oral history of their voyage. The idea that their story might be told in a different way than any of them expected is kind of fun.

They’re headed for the tropics again, and this is where I need to do some thinking. They should take on another ship or two, but at this point in the story I don’t need to detail how it happens. I think readers would tire of that kind of thing this late in the book.

I may shorten up here, but build up to it by putting some stress on the captain. He and his best friend have a mission, but the rest of them expect to do a little piracy. If the captain is going to keep their loyalty, he has to consider them too. This isn’t the navy where they just beat sailors into submission. These guys expect a payoff.

Success at sea could leave to an unplanned detour too. A ship full of goods ought to be unloaded before the end game starts. This can cause a bit of stress for the main characters, because they want to get on with the end game.

Like I said, I want to think though some of this next part. Today came out at about 3000 words. Not a bad day at all.

Sundays are never great writing days, but I might manage a bit. I’m also going to pick more peaches for my wife’s workplace. I need a few more for myself too. They seem to get eaten pretty fast.


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moderate success

I wound up getting through about four chapters of editing on my epic fantasy, The Cock of the South. I also wound up reading about 10% more of Few Are Chosen.

It was a day for a little of this and a little of that. I made a few fountain pen notes for some short pieces I want to write.

I also opened a wonderful bottle of actual mead. I’m enjoying it right now while watching the second episode of The Strain.

All in all, it doesn’t look like a very productive day, but I moved a few projects forward. Forward momentum is good, even if nothing is complete. I still need to find a good fantasy artist.

I’m off tomorrow and will probably set an alarm so I can get more time to myself. Then I have to help my parents find a new car.

That’s about it. I’m off to oil my kraut bat. No that isn’t a metaphor for anything.


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