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Friday Goings On

I skipped my normal Wednesday post. I’m still ahead of my master plan, but I just wasn’t feeling it on Wednesday. I told everyone I write in fits and starts. Well, there you have it. Work was the shits this week, and I’ve been tired. Something had to give, and it was the Wednesday post.

I went to the Boise Co-op last night looking for some new tea. I never found exactly what I wanted, but still wound up with three. I wanted a loose leaf green, because I’ve never found a green I really like. I figured a quality tea might make a difference. It did.

I wanted a gunpowder tea, but all they had was in tea bags. I wound up with a jasmine pearl tea. I don’t like perfumed stuff, but it’s really good. I like the way the pearls unfurl in the cup. I also like the idea that I can get three cups by just adding fresh water to the leaves.

I couldn’t find a loose Russian Caravan, so I got a lapsang souchong. It will be a little more potent, but I’ve had it before. It’s the smoky component in Russian Caravan in un blended form. I also took a flyer on an Indian black tea, but haven’t opened it yet.

This morning I read for a couple hours. I’m still working on the paranormal six pack I downloaded. This one’s about a haunted hotel. I’m enjoying it, and I’m interested in the writing style. It isn’t quite omniscient point of view, but close. There are lots of characters, and each chapter is a different group. This is as it should be, separating people is standard in a horror/paranormal story.

Each chapter begins with a bunch of telling. Sometimes it’s two or more pages. I’m told what someone feels, why they feel that way, and updated as to what happened while I was reading about a different group. By the end of each chapter I’m involved in conversations and events. I like it, and I’m not overwhelmed by too much telling.

It’s interesting that one of the earlier books involved too much telling for my taste. This book has even more telling, and I like it. I’m afraid it all comes down to the writer’s talent. I just don’t know what I can do with my new revelation. I’m in deep thought about it.

I just printed all the stuff for critique group. I need to work it all up by Wednesday, but I’m about to have company for the weekend. I can probably do it all Sunday afternoon.

I also started a new living document for paranormal stories. I see all this cool stuff in archeology news, or something on DeviantArt inspires me, and I lose track of it eventually. I titled my document Paranormal Cheats, and used headers like ghosts, the fae, witches, etc. Now when I see something, I have a place to drop a quick note. I also learned that my knowledge of Chinese magic is sorely lacking. At least I have a header for it now.

I’m in talks with a cover artist, and watching my email like a hawk for the next step. I hope to get Panama loaded on Amazon in a couple of weeks.


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