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Life in Slackerville

I had the day off, and figured to make the words do my bidding. It didn't quite work out that way.

My first mistake was to run down the WordPress wormhole. It takes time to catch up on blogs, and I knew it was a mistake when I started. I need quiet to write anything, and my daughter could wake up at any time.

After reading blogs, I re-read every word of the Yak Guy project. It works for me, but still needs some fine tuning before public consumption. I was finally ready to add words to it.

Then my daughter got up. This girl can talk, and that hasn't changed since she first learned how. At least she goes outside to smoke occasionally, so I can lubricate my ears from time to time. Lemons to lemonade moment here.

Being the opportunist I am, I weaseled a haircut out of her. Hey, she had her scissors with her. I paid her for her work anyway.

I insisted upon washing my hair when we finished, you know, to get the stubble out. This caused a break in the narrative, and when I was finished she was in her room.

I took the time to make corrections to The Playground based upon critique group. If nothing else, I can check that off the list.

When my wife came home, my daughter decided to accompany her on shopping day. I don't really understand the appeal of a grocery store, but I like to accomplish something and used my time wisely.

I read Barb Taub's new book, Do Not Wash Hands in Plates. This is a hilarious travelogue about Barb's trip to India with a couple of old friends.

Most of the cool kids follow Barb's blog, and understand her sense of humor. For the rest of you, this isn't the kind of book I would normally read. I picked it up in faith that it would be as good as her blog. I was not disappointed.

I'm trying to coerce Barb into making an appearance here, so watch this space.

I dabbled with an artwork program that I have. My skills are non-existent, but it's fun. The learning curve on these apps is a bit different than a box of crayons, and some old newspaper, but I'm figuring things out.

I didn't get any writing done. I feel like a slacker in that regard. On the other hand, I accomplished a few other things.

We just watched last weeks episode of Lip Sync Battle. This one featured Channing Tatum and his wife, in the best one yet. My wife and I laughed till our sides hurt. Now the house is quiet.

If I remain inconspicuous to my wife, I may be able to add a few words to that short story I've been pecking away at. See you later.


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