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It was date night

Last night Old What’s Her Face decided she wanted to go to dinner. She mentioned La Tapatia, which is one of our favorite places. The food was phenomenal, like always.

The service was a bit slower than usual, but that seems to be a theme everywhere. I’ve even seen some places close for a day or two because they don’t have employees available.

During this waiting period we did what all loving couples do in the modern era. We gazed into each other’s eyes. Scratch that. We picked up our cell phones and ignored each other like a true American couple.

I spotted something on Facebook that Krispy Kreme has pumpkin doughnuts available already.

We swung by and picked up a dozen on the way home.

The one with the swirly top is supposed to be a pumpkin cappuccino, and new on the list. There is also a pumpkin cheesecake filled variety, but our dozen didn’t include any of those.

I wanted to taunt everyone about how awesome they were. However, they really weren’t. They were all pretty bland, and if you handed me one and asked me what the flavor was, I could not tell you. Guess we fell victim to marketing, but the product didn’t deliver.

Right now, I’m watching the Star Wars marathon, and blogging. Old What’s Her Face is currently making her own cheese cake. Bet it’s a damned sight better than those doughnuts were.


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