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One of those kind of days

I’m glad there is pumpkin beer in the refrigerator, because I need it.

I wanted to pick up some kind of fuel additive to use on my generators. I have one that runs beautifully, and one that acts like it’s on life support. When I ran them a couple of weeks ago, one would only run if I left the choke on. Home Depot was our first stop.

My brother said to get one of two specific products, but they didn’t have either one. I found something that sounded like it would do the job and bought it.

My Dad and my Grandfather each had small generators. Even after 20 years they started right up with a couple of pulls. I whined to my brother about that, and he said it’s all because gasoline has ethanol in it today. I can see how that might be the problem, but the information doesn’t help me right now.

At Home Depot, I decided to drop my iPhone in the parking lot. I’ve had some variety of iPhone since they first came out. Never so much as scratched the screen. Today the phone landed flat, face down. I now have five spiderwebs across the screen along with a selection of long cracks. I’m fairly sure tiny pieces will start coming out soon.

We went on to the big Albertsons. Old What’s Her Face wanted a couple of things we can only get at this store. Someone gave her a bunch of cucumbers and she needed some dill.

I picked up a big slice of jackfruit. This thing is about the size of a small pizza and over an inch thick. It may sound like no big deal to you, but I live in Idaho. This is fairly exotic stuff to me.

Once we got home, I tried the fuel additive in the generators. One started on the first pull and runs like new. The other one will fire on one pull, but not run. Doesn’t matter how many secondary pulls you give it, it won’t fire again. However, if I wait fifteen minutes I get one more pull that fires up briefly. I spent about four hours playing this game, then gave up.

My brother is the fix-it guy in the family, but he lives in Nevada. He said it sounds like the fuel additive is trying to clean something up, but it’s taking its sweet time. There is a slim possibility that it might dissolve some bad stuff overnight and fire up tomorrow. If I can just get it running, the additive will do its job the way it’s supposed to. Right now it’s just a gunk bath. Equal chance it might not work, too.

I tried the jackfruit this afternoon. It’s pretty good, but I don’t think I’d go out of my way to try it again. The seeds are huge and kind of vulgar looking. They remind me of testicles when the ranchers cut their male animals. That’s not the part you eat. The edible part surrounds the seed. It’s yellow, kind of slippery, and grows in cells around a core.

There is a lot of jackfruit left. I may Google it and see what else I can do with it. Eating it is fine, but maybe there’s a good cocktail recipe out there.

When I got finished with the generators for the night, my wife had ordered me a new phone. I was due for an upgrade and that helped. We are perpetually broke, so we’re adding it to the phone bill. With any luck, I’ll own it before I break it this time.

I hope your Saturdays went a little better than mine did.


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