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This post probably has spoilers

I don’t know why we have to say that, but I did anyway. It’s my blog, and I should be allowed to post anything I like. Today was a day of errands, and ended with my wife and I going to Infinity War.

My daughter had an hour available, so she gave me a much needed haircut. After that I went and got some blood work done. This is a twice per year thing for me to get my PSA numbers checked.

My wife ran her own errands, and we likely crossed paths on the main drag a few times today. After that, we went to the movies.

My verdict… meh. Here’s the deal, I’ve invested years in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Not seeing this film is like wasting all that time. I only knew bits and pieces of the original story, and they tell me the movie varies widely anyway.

Here’s where it goes off the rails for me. Three Act Structure. You guys know I’m a big believer in three act structure. This doesn’t mean you have to tell the whole story in one swoop, there are some masterpieces that came out as trilogies. Star Wars worked to a large degree because of three act structure: Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back – Return of the Jedi. Lord of the Rings did the same thing in book form long before the movies came along. When those movies came along, they stuck to the structure.

When you take a gigantic story, and split it into two movies it does not work. The midpoint, i.e. the end of the first film, falls at the absolute blackest most miserable point in the story. Everyone walks out being bummed to a large degree. I overheard comments from other viewers.

I felt this way when they split the last Harry Potter book into two films. I feel this way today. This is because the last part of Act Two involves a regrouping and moving forward with a desperate plan. There is a breath of hope this way. Now that breath of hope has to be the first part of the second Infinity War movie.

Yeah, I know it’s coming, but this film ends on a low note. I wonder how many casual fans Marvel will lose at this point. Some of them won’t come back for the big ending.

I also know Marvel won’t waste all of that capital and goodwill by killing off so many money making characters. It’s just not happening. This story didn’t have to be this way, and I’m sorry it was.

In a perfect world, I would have waited to watch this on HBO or something one day before I saw part 2 in the theater.

In other news, I broke my vow and worked on my pirate story. There is this event a few chapters from now, and I added about 1500 words to serve as a plant for that event. I like it, but it may need some tweaks later on.

I could have written a couple of interviews instead, but I have a bunch out in the mail. I hope they come in sometime in the next three weeks, but in that time I’ll probably send out a few more. So I used a bit of my time on my project.

Back to work tomorrow.


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