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I wanted to write today, seriously

I don’t even feel bad about it. I never set arbitrary word count goals. When I have the right situation, I can whip out a ton of words. This is perfect for creating first draft material.

Last night I decided to read a chapter or two of my Harry Dresden book before bed. I finished the whole thing about 1:00 AM. Damn you Jim Butcher. I swear I learn something every time I read one of these.

Dresden gets in so much trouble the situation is always hopeless. Still, he manages to find a way out, and it’s usually something I never saw coming. Maybe I should spend a summer as Jim Butcher’s gardener or something. I might learn a thing or two.

I promised to beta read something for a friend. My reading schedule is wide open now, and I’ve already started. So far, things are looking great.

I think it’s all part of the same whole. Writers need to read. They ought to critique, beta, self edit, plot or outline. Sometimes we need a walk in the woods too. In my mind it’s all forward motion. If I don’t finish my draft until President’s Day, it really doesn’t matter to me.

I also went down to the hairdresser’s school this afternoon. My daughter’s enrolled there and she gave me our second haircut. She did a smashing job too. This time she cut the whole thing with a razor. This was a new experience for me, and I like the final product. It felt like bunnies chewing my hair off, which was strange, but I look good.

Old Dad left her a good tip too. (200% of the haircut) She said most people don’t tip at all, and those that do leave a buck. What the hell! She said many of the appointments never show up and don’t even bother to call.

I get that it’s a school, and they may not be the best. (Yet) I also get that it’s the cheapest place in town, and that attracts cheapskates. Still, these are kids trying to better themselves. Most of them took on significant student debt to even be there. I respect them for not heading straight for the welfare teat. Even if I didn’t have a daughter to support, I always tipped my barber.

With the exception of watching Dr. Who, I’m going to dedicate my evening to my beta reading project. I hate waiting, and won’t inflict it on someone else. Hope you guys have a great evening too.


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We now return to your regularly scheduled program, for a day

I finally got a writing day today. I earned it by staying up late last night doing my critiques for tomorrow’s meeting.

I wasn’t overly productive and started my day washing the copper fountain pen I use at the paycheck job. I’ll fill it after it drys. Then I reviewed some cover sketches and put down a deposit. Fingers crossed to have The Cock of the South out by the end of September.

There are some pending reviews for my other works floating around out there. Private communications are that they’re going to be good. (Yay) If some of them show up, I’ve formulated a plan. I could give away a book per day leading up to The Cock of the South. I could do it anyway, but a stack of happy reviews makes it all look more enticing. I won’t do another long giveaway, but maybe one story per day (with a bit of promotion) would catch someone’s eye. That way they can choose the genre that most suits them and grab a freebie. (It’s all speculative fiction, folks. Some of it just speculates a little more than others.)

The only flaw in this plan is shoppers won’t have time to read them before The Cock of the South is available to purchase. It might lead to sales down the trail, but not necessarily on release day.

What do you readers and writers think? I haven’t done much promotion this summer and getting something new out there feels about like the right time. Would you do it if you were me?

My wife and I are leaving town Friday and taking some time for ourselves. If we see cool things I’m sure they’ll wind up getting blogged about. I may not catch every day this weekend, but U. S. readers should be out doing something else anyway. For my international audience you could…, I don’t know,… maybe read one of my books if you really miss me.

I downloaded another Harry Dresden novel to take with me. There won’t be much reading time, but some is inevitable. I’ve been reading a lot of indie authors this year. (I’m no hypocrite) I always liked Harry, and this doesn’t mean I can’t have the best of both worlds.

My writing today involved introducing my heroine. I spent more time on description and setting than I usually do. (According to my sources, this is a good thing for me.) I feel like I can take time here, because there are already stress points from the villain, the antihero thug, and the victim. Part of this section involves a spooky old house and it needs some description to really sell it. The next chance I have, someone’s going to die and that always keeps pages turning. (Someone died today too, but it was pretty peaceful.)

I’m sure it’s full of telling and typos. It’s impossible to fix something that doesn’t exist. My attitude is to get it on the page and go back through it after a day or two. As of right now, I’m at 10,098 words. That makes 2644 on the day; not horrible.

Let me know what you think about the promotion idea.


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