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I’m tired, but happy

It all started back when I made the work trip to North Idaho. I got to not only work, but drive everyone eight hours each way.

Then we went on vacation which involved much more driving, but with a camper in tow.

Then I decided to release my book of short stories, and that involved a lot of emailing. I set up some book review sites, and had to write a few things for guest spots. I tried to keep up with the comments on the sites that did cover reveals, and the reviews my advance readers posted. This won't end for a couple of weeks. If I missed some comments on your sites, please tell me and I'll remedy this PDQ.

Today, Old What's Her Face* wanted us to go to town. I got a hamburger, yay! She got this:

2015 Toyota Sequoia

This isn't the color she wanted, but these things are hard to come by. You kind of have to take what is available. The dealership had two 2016 versions in white, and this 2015 version in grey. In fact, this may be the very last new 2015 in captivity.

I like to tease her, but her old car was ten years old. We were courting disaster by pushing it much farther. I hate car shopping, but we got a decent price because it is last year's model.

I'm nervous as a cat now, but it was time to bite the bullet. I figured it out, and I need to sell about 140,000 copies of my new book to pay for it. Therefore, feel free to preorder, Amazon will deliver your book on September 15th.

All joking aside, I am seeing a few preorders. I'd like to see a few more and get into triple digits somewhere. There are some reviews coming for those of you who are reluctant. There are a few guest spots coming where Lisa Burton is doing her promo job too.

I'm trying to watch Boise State vs Washington, but Old What's Her Face is trying to program her garage door opener. I have a hunch I'm about to get paged.

PS: It was a good hamburger.

*Not my wife's actual name.


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