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Have a Merry Christmas

Thank you all for helping me take Entertaining Stories to new heights this year. I may not post over the weekend, but I'll bet many of you won't either. I'll monitor the comments though. Enjoy this Lisa Burton Christmas poster, and feel free to use it as a screen image on whatever devices you prefer.


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Holy Cow!

I never imagined my post about my squishy parts would be so interesting. It quickly became my most popular post, and reblogged dozens of times. It even out scored my about me page. Thank you all.

“Public Service Announcement” currently has 146 likes, and 136 comments. This is miles ahead of my other posts.

My post generated 164 views the day of posting, and 207 overall views. The next day it was 288 for the post, and 294 for the blog. These numbers may not blow bigger bloggers away, but for a guy that regularly gets about 50 views per day it's phenomenal.

There were dozens of new followers too, which is awesome. The best part was someone who used my post to convince her husband to get his own checkup. It makes the whole thing worthwhile.

I had a fleeting thought about an email saying I got Fresh Pressed. I'm not disappointed, because that isn't what my blog is about. Still, it would have been cool.

Welcome to all my new friends. I hope you'll stick around, but I don't usually post about my parts. This is a writing blog, but I think it's a fun one.


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I owe some Thanks to my Friends

Entertaining Stories gained new followers at an accelerated rate recently. It couldn’t have happened without the help of a few special blog friends. These people went out of their way to help me and today I’m saying thank you.

If you’re one if the new followers, thank you. Here’s a post I put up recently to help you keep up with my shtick. The Entertaining Stories Primer.

S. K. Nicholls has been a great help. She did a wonderful little push for my book Panama. She also took The raven of Doubt off my hands for a few days, at a time when I really needed to operate doubt free. I gained several followers from this push and would appreciate the rest of you visiting her blog and checking it out. She writes wonderful stories about nudist colonies and such, base upon real experience. You know you want to read that.

D. S. Nelson invited me to participate in her Friday tasseomancy project. My tea leaf reading was a popular project with my readers, and I gained followers here too. She has a new reading up today, and you should check it out. She’s also expecting, and I wish her all the best.

Rachel Carrera did an author interview with me. Of course I broke all the rules and answered her questions in narrative style without including the questions. She must have forgiven me, because she also did a push for Panama. She wrote about the haunted places she has lived in recently. The bit about the crunchy worms on the floor was fascinating.

Karen invited me to participate in her ten statements project. This is a sequence for writers to explain some things about themselves to a larger audience. I reached a larger audience, and my little blog grew. She also invited me on the writing process blog tour and my corner of cyberspace grew some more. Please visit her at My Train of Thoughts On and In a Small Compass.

Blog friends are wonderful friends. These people have been very kind to me. I hope my readers will help express my gratitude by visiting these awesome bloggers and writers. They didn’t have to do any of this, and they have their own novels to promote. If you came here because of one of these bloggers, the others might be interesting to you.


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Some thanks are in order

Since I released Wild Concept last week, several people have helped me along the way. I want to publicly thank them, and encourage everyone to check out their sites.

M. T. McGuire told all his Twitter followers about my book release. He didn’t have to do that, but I’m really glad he did. Thank you M. T.

S. K Nicholls re blogged my summary to all of her followers. She also made some helpful comments about book reviewers that I need to explore. This was a generous thing to do, and I certainly didn’t expect it. Thank you S. K.

Note: I published as C. S. Boyack. What is it with us writer types using our initials? M. T., S. K., and I are all initial people now.

Sean Harrington published my cover art on his Deviant Art site. He included links to my blog, and the Amazon page where people can buy the book. He also linked the cover to 50 groups on Deviant Art. This was incredibly generous, and I know I’ll be a repeat customer. Please check out his site, along with his wonderful web comic Spying With Lana

I really am overwhelmed at the amount of support I’m getting. Thank you all.


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