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I came up short

I knew writing time was going to be at a premium this weekend. My ultimate goal was to break 30K words on Lanternfish, but I didn’t make it.

I’ve been stealing an hour here and there in an alternate room, and it just isn’t the same. I’m a firm believer that all progress is progress, so I have some of that to keep me positive.

A big part of my slower pace comes down to logistics. I’m dealing with a fantasy world in Lanternfish, but ships don’t just sail from point to point. Even with James’s sextant, there are weeks and months involved in moving the ship.

I have them with an easy appointment to make with the Prelonian Navy, but too much time on their hands. They decided to go chasing information about a new enemy in the war, but still need to make their rendezvous.

I like the extra tension this brings, but I’m writing myself into a corner to a degree. They need to visit two or three places, but still make the appointment. There are going to be delays with piracy, exploring, and more.

It’s easy enough to “magic” my way out of this issue, but that isn’t fair to readers. Even with James’s sextant there have to be rules. It has a limited range, even though it’s much greater than other ships can sail in a day.

They’re going to be doing some exploring in what is similar to the South Pacific. Since this is a fantasy world, I don’t have to place all the islands exactly like they might appear on Earth.

Now a bright author might just back up and change the time of the appointment to allow for all this exploring. I could do it, but I want to challenge myself. I’m even toying with the idea of being at the rendezvous point late. This could add some extra tension to the series. What sort of disaster could this lead to? (It is book two of a trilogy, so a bit of tragedy is allowed.)

There are other forces at work here, too. I have a tropical storm hinted at that will cause some delays and diversions. So I have partial information they need on two different islands, plus a tropical storm, and a tight deadline they have to make. Let’s face it, there needs to be some piracy going on here too.

One fun bit today. I included a mermaid in my story. I swore to avoid traditional monsters and legends in this tale, but there she was. She isn’t like anything you’ve likely seen before. She’s about 90 feet long and towers above the ship when she visits. She could easily pull them down to the depths, but is a benevolent creature/person. (For a change.)

In my mind it’s a good time to go back to the paycheck job. Some of this stuff tends to work itself out during the commute. I may have to adjust my outline a bit to make it all come out the way it should.

Lanternfish spent the entire first book without having everything they need. It involved crew, guns, munitions, etc. I’m also thinking about what it might do to the crew to have too much. How motivated might they be to assist in the war when their hull is overflowing with treasure? People with nothing to lose see the world differently than those who have more than they’ll ever need. It’s an interesting concept if James has to hold the crew together in face of this new challenge.

Again, putting it aside for a week often brings more clarity to issues like this. I may even have a solution in mind, but need some time to work it all out.

That was my writer’s weekend. As a couple, we managed date night at Old Chicago and I sampled the seasonal beers. We also rented Godzilla King of the Monsters, and I really liked it. I like the way they worked in the fever theory of global warming. The theory is that living creatures get a fever when they’re sick to kill off the bug that’s causing the problem. In the fever theory, Earth is the creature, global warming is the fever, and we are the virus that’s making her sick. This theory has been around for a long time, but it was cool that the film went with it.

For those of you who get a holiday, I hope you’re enjoying your Labor Day. For everyone else, I wish you a happy Monday whatever you’re doing.


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Giant Girl is on Lisa Burton Radio


Don’t touch that dial! You’ve found Lisa Burton Radio. Now broadcasting to alternate dimensions, and all across the known universe at one point twenty-one jigawatts of power. I’m your host, Lisa Burton, the robot girl.

We have a very special guest today, Veronica Kane, also known as Giant Girl. Welcome to the show Ronni.

“Hello Lisa! Thanks for having me on the show. I don’t usually get interviewed except by insurance claims adjustors, so this is a treat for me.”

“I love Giant Girl Adventures comics, and am excited for our listeners to meet you. You’re a very interesting super-being in that you’re not overly successful. What can you tell us about that?”

“Suuuure, we can start with that. I gave the folks at Giant Comics rights to publish stories based on my adventures years ago, but I’ll never see a dime of it because of all the lawsuits for property damage and such that I’m always stuck with. Basically when your power-set involves getting very big and you do a commensurate amount of damage, it makes you less than popular. Let’s put it this way, I caught a guy’s car that flew off a skyway in Dallas last week, and he’s suing me for the damage to his car that I caused in catching it before it and him became a pancake.

“There’s gratitude for ya, right? That’s my life in a nutshell. But what are you gonna do? People love to sue.”

“Well, I don’t know what people expect. When you grow to a thousand feet tall, there’s bound to be damage. How upset would they be if you just walked away from a bad guy and let them get destroyed?”

Well, I have tried that… I mean no, I can’t in good conscience just walk away. Heck, most of the time trouble won’t let me walk away. Or talk sense to it or convince it to go somewhere a little more private. I mean, I try to make violence my absolute last resort, but some people are just determined to play king of the hill. It’s just that I’m the hill…”

“Our listeners might not know this, but you can also make yourself really small. Maybe that’s a good way to hide from lawyers and judgments.”

“Eh, good for dodging process servers but the law always gets ya. Yes, I can actually shrink myself and other things I touch, just like my growth power. That’s how my outfit is always so nicely tailored- a little shrink here, a little grow there and presto! It’s just that getting super-small in a fight isn’t very sexy so the press seldom pays attention to that unless they are blaming me for running away.

“Um, present company excluded. Obviously.”

“I’m known for being into fashion. I have to say I love your style. The red dress, the coat of many pockets. I’m a little sad about the hat. It was so iconic. Is there any hope you’ll get it back some day?”

“Yeah… that hat. I loved that thing- it was the very best part of my outfit. But you wear a big red hat and they are gonna call you Carmen Sandiego no matter what else you wear… though all red and black was probably not the best choice to avoid that comparison, honestly.”

“I always thought Carmen SanDiego was awesome. I wouldn’t let her bother you. Truth be told, you wear it better.”

“Aw, you are very sweet! That was part of the problem, I wanted to be the Lady In Red, and the rubber boots and gloves really do make handy insulators. Giants go through a LOT of power-lines, trust me, and those shocks hurt. So the modern outfit is form and function- I’m so glad you like it!”

“Ronni, we have someone waiting on the line to talk to you. Welcome to the show, Kumiko Kanzaki, also known as Badonkasaurus.”

“Thanks for having me, please pardon me- it is difficult using this tiny phone with fifteen foot claws.”

“Now Kumiko, you and Ronni had one of the most iconic Kaiju battles ever. You even destroyed Tokyo in the classic fashion. Do you still feel hostility toward Ronni?”

“Yes. While it is not Giant Girl’s fault that I am trapped as a 75 meter tall green scaly monster with an enormous posterior, we are opposing forces, yin and yang. It is theorized that I was born of the earth to be a check to her power, and I admit I am always eager to battle her once more!”

“Greeeeeat. You know, I still get blamed for that battle in Tokyo? I begged her to not fight with me and talk about it but noooo…”

“I had just been transformed into a kaiju, destroying my workplace in the process! I was traumatized. And you called me Badonkasaurus!”

“You always complain about that name. Personally I think it suits you, so there. That day you transformed you were mad at the world and I was the biggest thing in your line of sight. If not for me you would have leveled all of Tokyo that day. Then I wonder how much the Japanese people would love you, hm?”

“Please. You wanted that fight, Giant Girl! Otherwise you could have shrunk me down to normal size and no one would have gotten hurt!”

“Are you kidding me?!? That was the first thing I tried. I have no idea how or why but my powers don’t work on you.”

“… wait, really?”

“Are you kidding me with this? What kind of lunatic would brawl through Tokyo at 250 feet tall if they didn’t have to? You think I like rumbling around, knocking down buildings and terrorizing people like a giant monster movie?”

“Now ladies, we’re all ladies here. Except I’m a robot, and Kumiko is a giant lizard thing with a protruding posterior. No, on second thought, we’re definitely all ladies here. So please don’t fight.

“Now Ronni, you said your powers don’t work on Kumiko. Does this make facing her again more dangerous?”

“That depends on if we’re in a populated area. Pound for pound she’s got me in muscle as well as appendages with that tail of hers. But she’s 250 feet tall, and I can get a lot bigger than that. On the other hand I’ll bet she’s been working on that nuclear breath of hers, so who knows?”

“You call me fat then pick on my breath too?!? Wait… you mean my energy exhalation expression. You are not calling me fat either, you are trying to compliment me in your rude American way, aren’t you?”

“You always think I’m attacking you Kumiko, especially when I’m not. Look, you want me to come out to Kaiju Island and brawl with you I’ll do it, if nothing else to give you some variety from fighting with the rest of the Great Kaiju out there.”

Hoo boy. Kumiko, didn’t you make a boyfriend on the one day you left Kaiju Island? Tell us about him. He seemed to be pretty stricken with you.”

“Shigeru… well, he is very nice, but he is not my… I mean, he is the president of my fan club, but I am sure he would not be interested in… I mean… er, that is…”

“Maybe you should invite him out to see you Kumiko. Heck, I can even bring him with me if you like…”

“Ladies, we have to sew this up. Ronni, thank you for being on the show, and Kumiko, I wish you well. Maybe you should call that boy after we get off the air.”


Giant Girl Adventures is written by Sabrina Pandora, she leave us with this comment: Big shout out to my artist Koen Luyten, my creative partner in crime who puts up with my crazy demands and works like a dog to make sure every issue is more amazing than the last.

Note: Koen provided us with this awesome pinup.

Follow Giant Girl Adventures at the following locations.

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Random thoughts

I get a whole hour for lunch today. Since I like to post something on Wednesdays, I decided to do it now.

I assume people are getting tired of the ongoing posts about editing. Rather than tell you all about it, I’ll say that I’ve been arguing with Doubt, the raven. He thinks I should delete part of my next book, Arson. I think, since this is a downward spiral with the character arc, it’s important to show the main character, Perry, at the height of his glory. We’re still fighting.

I learned a new trick. It will probably only work while I have old stories to publish. If I edit one chapter, then switch stories for a chapter, I don’t fall into my trap of getting into the story more than the edits.


There were two deer in the parking lot when I got to work this morning. A mule deer doe and buck. He had small velvet antlers that weren’t quite as long as his ears.


Why do I get fairy knots in my beard this time of year? I’ve been cutting two or three out every day. I swear, taking care of this thing is like having another pet some days.

Note to self: Make an effort to placate the fairies.


My Sunday post was titled “Giant Nuclear Lizard and Bed, Bath and Beyond”. It might have been more interesting if I’d written “Giant Nuclear Lizard at Bed, Bath and Beyond.”


My wife gave me a shamrock plant for St. Patrick’s Day. I’m proud to admit it’s still alive and still flowering. I’m afraid I threw several of these away once they died. I learned they’re actually a bulb of some kind and didn’t die. I’m going to try letting it rest when it fades, and seeing if I can keep it.

On a sad note, I think my old pitcher plant finally bit the dust. I’ve overwintered it in the vegetable crisper for five years now, and it always comes back. This year, it sent up two early pitchers, and they turned brown and shriveled. Maybe five years is a good run for a pitcher plant. It was the only carnivorous plant I’ve ever been able to keep alive.

Note to self: We need some carnivorous plants out at the writing cabin. It could give a whole new meaning to plants like deer brush and buffalo grass.


I found a couple victims volunteers for the Writing Process Blog Tour. My turn is this weekend, and then I’ll pass it on to them. I have a couple wonderful people to introduce to you guys.


That’s it. I said it would be a random thoughts, and I think I was true to my genre. All completed within the scope of a lunch hour.


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Giant Nuclear Lizard and Bed Bath and Beyond

I started my day off poisoning weeds for Old What’s Her Face*. It was supposed to be a day of yard work. I insist on bathing after spraying poison, and intended to move on to trimming roses and spreading fertilizer.

She suggested going to the movies and stopping to get some new towels on the way home. It was presented as, “Now that you’re all cleaned up…”

We went to Godzilla, which I have always loved since the black and white versions. It’s kind of a trope today, but Godzilla was what created the trope. It was the original. (King Kong is older, but it was a different kind of tale.)

I expected some changes to the story, but I also thought it might be a nice change up. The changes didn’t add all that much to the tale. Mostly, Godzilla has grown some since he conquered Manhattan over a decade ago.

My disappointment is mostly in spending more time with two giant nuclear cockroaches. Wasn’t the name of the movie Godzilla? I mean there were any number of Godzilla vs. whatever movies, and that’s what this really was.

There was a mistake here and there. When he makes his first appearance, in Hawaii, he causes a tidal wave. Why was there no tidal wave in San Francisco?

I’m not disappointed with the big guy being the hero this time out. He always did split his time between hero and villain. I thought the news banner about Godzilla saving the city was kind of stupid. The cockroaches did less damage than he did.

Hollywood seems to think there is no ordinance between rocket propelled grenades and nuclear missiles. Just once, I’d like to see someone drop a daisy cutter on a giant cockroach, no nukes required. Maybe that would have rendered Godzilla unnecessary. There was little enough of him as it is.

I liked the way they touched upon him being a force of nature. They missed the standard sermon about how we caused all this. I can’t help myself, I still like Godzilla. It’s almost like they can’t screw it up, I just want more. I have to say that it wasn’t a great Godzilla movie, but it was a Godzilla movie.

We left the theater and went straight to Bed Bath and Beyond. We matched colors on bath towels, compared softness and size. Then we needed wash rags and hand towels to fit the scheme. Add in a new garbage can, toothbrush holder and soap dish. Then we needed to redo the half bath downstairs. (One of those things my wife saves until we’re in the store). More towels and rugs went into the basket.

We couldn’t leave without a few “isn’t that cool” items. The old pit bull scored a new squeaky toy (which he’s already killed). I nearly fainted at the checkout stand. I never thought this stuff was so valuable. I wonder if I should call my insurance provider and tell him to include new towels on our policy.

So we have a pretty new bathroom decor, and did it for about the same price as a weekend at the coast. Maybe this is why wives usually do this without their husbands present. I’m off to look for Godzilla on one of the classic movie channels.

* Not my wife’s real name.

PS: If any of you would like to buy one of my books, I’m sure Bed Bath and Beyond would appreciate it. (We need to go back for one more rug.)


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