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Blog updates

I’m at Old Chicago adding numbers to my World Beer Tour. This is my first time using the iPhone app.

I changed my “About Me” page. Now that I’ve posted a few times, I’ve got a better feel for things. I explained the categories I’m using to make it easier for readers. I may add links, but I’m still thinking about it.

Today brought me readers from France and the Philippines. Welcome to them.

My haircut goal was achieved, so I won’t look like a slob at a big meeting next week. I also bought some craft beer at the Boise Co-Op. That way I can have some tomorrow too. I wound up with a couple doppelbocks, a scotch ale, and a couple porters. Not hard to guess my preferences.

Tomorrow I’m editing the story about the dwarves within an inch of its life. Tonight is all about beer and calzone.

Just a quick edit for anyone who cares. Leinenkugel Big Eddy is outstanding.

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