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The end of my weekend

Today is my rotating day off. With it winding down, I thought I'd tally up whatever I might have accomplished over the last three days. I also have a serious question for you. I know I'm rarely serious, but bloggers know stuff and maybe you can help me.

My sister-in-law was here for a few days. I had to work through most of this, but my wife took a day off and got to spend it with her sister. This is great, considering we only get to see her every five to ten years. We went out to a nice dinner one night.

We also had our grandson over the weekend. We took him to the last flag football game and watched him collect his trophy. His parents both had commitments, and I'm glad we could help out.

I managed to deadhead my roses. This makes them grow and brings on new flowers. Roses all took a hit here last year, but mine aren't grafted so they all came back true. We had a terrible cold snap in November and it caught them all by surprise.

I poisoned the lawn for clover, crabgrass, and dandelions. I know some people are against that, but they won't let me buy napalm anymore. I don't mind a certain amount of invasion in the lawn, but there's more clover than grass right now.

Research on potential novels turned into reading. I'm so hooked on the book that I'm reading the whole thing. I actually have about five books by this guy, and some of the data I wanted is in another volume somewhere. I cleaned and filled fountain pens and managed a page of notes that deserve deeper research.

The competing outlines got a few more index cards. One is starting to show signs of an act one, and the others aren't far behind. I'm struggling to find the right bad guys for the science fiction piece though. The story I have in mind would have the readers cheering for the bad guy.

I started reading another novel at the same time, and am over a quarter of the way through. I'm really enjoying it, and looking forward to getting back to it.

I finished one short story, but it needs some work, wrote a cool micro fiction, and started another short story. The new short is coming up flat though. Maybe going to work for four days will bring some clarity.

I prepared a couple of guest posts and sent them off. One is going to be a blog swap so that will be fun. I explored an autumn promotional opportunity with a friend, and it has a lot of potential.

I also exchanged a pretty fun bunch of emails with a cover artist for the book of short stories. The cover is looking incredible, but we're going to let it stew for a month or so. I don't want to release it until school starts up again. We have time to play around and tweak a few things. (It's so awesome though!)

Back to outlining and that question I have. I wrote a sequence of posts a few weeks back about how I storyboard my outlines. I also mentioned a specific app I use, but that's it was getting tired on iOS 8. It hasn't been updated since about iOS 6. It likes to open, crash once, then work.

I sent an email to the company asking if they were planning an update. The fellow immediately forwarded it to the person in charge. Everything went silent since then. I sent a follow up email two weeks later that was never acknowledged at all.

I've searched for a cork board app that would do the same things this app does and there is no such thing. Therefore; does anyone know how difficult it is to create an app and get it on the Apple Store? The research I've done usually says to hire someone to make it for you. I'm not opposed to that idea if it seemed profitable, but how do you find these people and what might it cost? It seems like many people are creating apps these days, so why not me?

I know someone out there in blog land has some of these answers. Let me hear from you.


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Kicked to the curb!

Tonight, The Walking Dead returns. Will I be watching that? Nooooo. Old What's Her Face* is uber excited about the Grammys. I will probably read more of your blogs, and look up once as AC/DC performs. My wife also has the red carpet show on ahead of time. I see Lady Gaga is still under Tony Bennett's enthralment. Oh, and Nicki Ménage brought her boobs to the show. (Even if you aren't interested, they just suck you in.)

I washed and filled all my fountain pens today. I am ready for any note taking that strikes my brain. Three different inks, Noodler's Walnut (dark brown), Noodler's Army Air Corp (blue black), and Noodler's Bad Black Moccasin (black).

My work in progress has to change to accommodate a new supporting character. I think it will really add something to the story, and I'm about to return to writing it. It's caused me to to do some deep research again, but the story will now involve an amputated finger and some NOLA Hoodoo. (Yay!)

My Muse, Lorelei, has been after me about some short stories. I managed a micro fiction instead. I'd post it on my blog, but I'm toying with a book of short stories broken up by a page of micro fiction. I really don't want to work on short stories until I finish the first draft of my novel. Maybe this will help Lorelei focus on my novel for another month or so.

I also built some guest posts to publish on Tuesday and Thursday. I think you guys are going to like these, because they come with a lesson or two.

Next weekend, I may dedicate some time to getting Will O' the Wisp ready for prime time. This is the book I need to release in two versions, because of copyright permission over some song lyrics. It's time now, then I can check in with all the ARC readers. I targeted somewhere around the time Winter changes into Spring, and Winter is half over now. I need to keep my eye on the prize here.

My video recorder is set for The Walking Dead. I can catch up later. I have a growler full of good Porter to keep me company while my wife watches her show. I hope you guys all had a great weekend that was either fun or productive. (Hopefully a bit of both.)

So let's hear it. Are you into the Grammy's or The Walking Dead? Did you work on promotions, or write something new? Did you read something new, or practice your Hoodoo? How was your weekend?

* Not the name on my wife's birth certificate.


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