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Blog Changes for April, and some Writing Fun

It’s a new month. Well, somewhere in the world it probably is. I have to write these where I find time.

This always starts with a new wallpaper, or background. It’s too easy to choose April flowers, or even Easter eggs & bunnies. I’m going with April Fools Day.

I also deleted my blogroll from the right hand column. This is the place where everyone posts a list of blogs they enjoy. I had some good ones, but they aren’t getting a lot of love. I check my stats, and I don’t see where anyone is clicking on them. I’m not wasting any more real estate on them.

Sometimes you just have to change things up.

I used a photograph of The Fool from an old Tarot deck I own. Readers and writers may appreciate him. There are a series of special cards in the Tarot. I think these are called the Major Arcana cards.

The fool is the first one of the cards in a sequence. Together they tell a story of the fool’s journey. When our novice starts out, he is bright eyed, bold, and well – foolish.

Those of you who study the writing monomyth, the hero’s journey, screenwriting beats, or even fairy tale structure may want to take a look. The tarot is another such journey that can help with your stories. The cards represent development from fool to a godlike being. There are many people he meets along his journey.

It isn’t the same as the other structures, but it can make for an interesting tale. You wouldn’t even have to buy a book. This stuff is all over the internet. Check it out.


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