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Baby steps are still progress

We went to Jurassic World last night. I really enjoyed it, but more as a memory lane experience. There was an awful lot of stuff I've seen before. These include a thin layer of plexiglass between some children and a pair of hungry jaws, flares & Tyranosaurus Rex, surrounded by velociraptors when something worse shows up. There was even some creative driving right out of Indiana Jones' playbook, that scene included several rear view mirror shots that mirrored Jurassic Park. For a long time I feared they were going to use an exploding compressed air tank, right out of Jaws, to solve the big problem. They resisted. It was a great film, but with 20 years to work on it, it could have been more creative.

We had the grandkids last night after the movie. My daughter-in-law entered some kind of Spartan thingie that involves mud, sweat, and entirely too much work. We took the kids to the flag football game. Our grandson pulled four flags today, one of which turned out to be an actual tackle. He even completed two touchdown passes. Before you get too excited, he passed the ball about five feet and the other kid ran to the end zone. They're five and six year olds. I think that's wonderful for that age.

Grandma took them to town when she went. That gave me some quality time with my iPad. I worked through two chapters of an old story. I decided not to do a complete rewrite of this one, but I'm going to fix a few easy things.

I also added about five index cards to my various outlines. I need to put a bigger effort into one of them, but all of them need a bit more plot. That's what happens when the Muse sends me characters and scenes first.

In a way, I completed a couple of extremely short passes myself today. It isn't much, but it is forward progress. I'll finish my clean up project, one chapte at a time. I'll finish my outlines, one index card at a time too.

Eventually, I need to start the editing passes on The Playground. I'm in no rush and intend to enjoy some things this summer. If I don't start a new novel until winter, that's fine by me.

Tonight, I'm going to check out something new on BBC called Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell. Is anyone else going to check this one out?


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