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Plans in the wind…

My son wanted me to join his family out fishing tomorrow. I'm good with this, and bought a license tonight on our way to dinner. My wife got a text while we were eating, and they are folding up their camp and coming home. Apparently the wind is so bad it's blowing tables and tents over. There is a huge sand dune along Brownlee Reservoir, and the wind is blowing the dune across the road in places.

Tomorrow, I may wind up doing some reading. I'm way behind on that. I have 20% of a book to finish, and another one I promised to read for a friend. I need to get on with it, because I try not to keep my friends waiting.

I also have my critiques to address. There are a few issues with Yak Guy that I can take care of.

Writing will take a back seat, but could happen. I have an unfinished short story, and there is the ongoing saga of the Yak Guy.

I suppose it all depends on what life throws my way. I need to get the Toyota serviced, and will see if they have an opening tomorrow. I may do some things on the camper, and there is always gardening to get done.

Then there is Otto. He needs attention, and is a welcome distraction. I get a kick out of his antics. Right now he's outside fighting with the sprinkler.

We wound up having pizza and beer tonight at Old Chicago. This establishment is at our local mall. My wife likes to eat fast and go shopping. This leaves me to try a bunch of new beers. She was quick this time, and I only got to have three. I'm content though. Bonus, take home pizza I can have for breakfast tomorrow.

I'm not getting up early unless Otto insists. It's nice to get one day to sleep in. Tomorrow I'm playing it by ear.

Wish I had the cash to attend the Blogger's Bash, but that will probably never happen. It looks like a good time, and I hope everyone enjoys themselves. Hoist a cold one for me.


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It’s…the mall

I get it. I grew up in the same small town my parents still live in. When you get to a real town, you need to go shopping.

We, on the other hand, can go to the mall anytime we choose. (And frequently do.) The difference being that my mother has to look in each store to see what's new. We tend to hit and run, only going to the one store we need.

I followed the girls into Dillard's and kept walking. Old Chicago pizza was busy, and the only chair available was in a group setting on tall hard stools. These stools don't have any back either. I'm a short guy, and they kill my back.

Still, I'm a trooper, I downed three really good craft beers. I'm entitled to one more every time I stop off on the World Beer tour. My back told me it was time to check on the girls.

I met my daughter, dragging my grandson my way. (Not her child, for clarity's sake.) Apparently, my daughter-in-law decided to show up to do a bit of school shopping. My daughter said, “Grandson has been saying he's hungry for an hour.” They wanted to go to Old Chicago so he could get something to eat.

I'm a sport, and offered to buy them lunch. Everyone else showed up before our order arrived. I only had another beer, but was pretty happy that shopping appeared to be over. Silly old man.

I got to see everyone's new haircuts, and that was fun. The little ones decided to cut each other's hair. My daughter had to clean up the mess, and she did a good job. The oldest, and third one, got highlights out of the deal, and my daughter did a good job on those too.

After everyone ate, we had another hour of mall cruising ahead of us. Ultimately, we decided to grab takeout food before calling it a day.

On the writing front, I never accomplished one damned thing. Tomorrow, we have to haul the camper over and start getting it ready.

I may get a few things done on Monday or Tuesday. We had a nice visit, and sometimes that's more important.

I hope everyone out there is having a good weekend.


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Great day in the woods!

We started our day at 9:00 AM. Mushrooms don't sneak away and hide at sunup. We took a lot of people, and it's nice to get a slightly later start. It's a long drive to my normal spots, and with family, you stop more often. It's all good, I'm more into the experience than the score these days. I've had many a fish-less day along the Snake River, and never regretted one of them.

My first spot is kind of hit and miss. For the last few years it's been miss, and this was no exception. It's right alongside a turnout on the highway. Competition usually beats me to these.

It was lunchtime, but nobody wanted to stop for lunch. We went to my second spot. It was loaded with fresh morels and we gathered a good haul. My guess about the early weather patterns was right. We decided to brave Landmark Summit. This is just under 7000ft in elevation. Most years it doesn't open until the Fourth of July. It was dry as a bone today. One year, my brother and I went up there in late May and found eight feet of snow. Not this year.

My wife and I have a new spot out in the middle of nowhere on the other side of the summit. This year it turned out to be the mother lode. We all spent part of our time pointing at morels just so the grandkids could pick them. This usually means more dirt for Grandpa to clean off, but it was worth it. My grandson started his day complaining that there was no WIFI. By the end of the day, he was a regular pioneer.

Grandpa caught a tiny little frog, and everyone insisted I show the kids. I made them swear they wouldn't hurt it. They decided to fight over it, and parental interference prevented frogacide. Tiny froggy hopped away with a good story to tell.

We found quite a few snow morels today. One of them was the size and shape of a human brain. I left my phone in the car, because it tends to fall out with all that bending. I wish I had a photo for you, because it was cool. Snow morels are considered inedible at best, and poisonous at worst. They actually look nothing like an actual morel.

The weather was beautiful, sunny and not too hot yet. I think I felt two raindrops all day. My back and knees are going to make me suffer tomorrow. At one point, I got down on all fours and picked twelve plump morels without moving an inch. Still, it was a lot of bending down, squatting, and crawling over deadfall. At least oyster mushrooms have the courtesy to grow on tree trunks. Not these morels. The little buggers are right down in the dirt.

Far enough away that they stay anonymous

Our picnic wound up being an event. My son made some baked beans from scratch, and we threw in a skillet to warm them up. My wife made her grilled potato salad, and we grilled hotdogs and chorizos on site.

The little kids ran around like wild animals while we cooked, and while we cleaned up. Something tells me they'll sleep well tonight.

One of two huge bags of morels

The only downside was on the way home. I was following another vehicle, my son was following me, and my daughter and her friend brought up the rear. We drove past a county sheriff, and he pulled the girls over. He told them they were speeding, but we were all in a row driving the same speed. I have a theory his probable cause amounted to two girls driving while cute. He never ticketed them.

That and the wood tick I pulled off my shirt. I've already paid my dues to them. I spent a couple days in the hospital and drank a couple of bottle of IV fluids back in the 1980s. I think I've served my sentence with Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. At least he wasn't burrowed in when I found him.

I started putting this post together at 10:00 PM. I allowed myself one hour for Game of Thrones. We put everything away, but still have a skillet to wash. I spent two hours cleaning mushrooms and putting them away. That doesn't count the batch my daughter–in-law took home. One bowl I set aside and didn't freeze. Grandpa is having an omelet tomorrow morning with a touch of Swiss cheese and fresh morels.

I hope all of you had a great day too.


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Tired out today

I got up at 4:00 AM today. I got my fishing gear together along with my outdoor clothing. This includes my cowboy hat and bandana for the day. I made two pots of coffee to fill a thermos for everyone. I took a moment to read a few blogs and respond to some overnight comments.

My son, daughter-in-law, and grandkids picked me up at 7:00. We went to the Steck Park area of Brownlee Reservoir. Fishing was slow, but not a disaster. My daughter-in-law caught the biggest catfish. It was a dandy, and might have been a shade over five pounds.

My son caught what we called a kitten fish by comparison. You can bet my daughter-in-law took great joy in that. Old grandpa got skunked today. I still had a great time. The grandkids spent most of the time in the mud or lake itself. They had a great time too.

We saw a lot lot of pheasants along the way today. I spotted a coyote on the other side of the lake, and a golden eagle worked the shores from above. We heard chuckars everywhere, but only saw a few. I love watching the animals when I go out.

My son wanted to take me home and let me clean the fish. To be honest, he’s never fileted a fish of any kind. Catfish are more difficult than most, because the skin sticks like iron.

I was on my game. I told him I would be happy to show him, but we were doing it at his house. Grandpa still wants to stay married to grandma.

It was a long day, but a good day. The only downer is that somehow about two inches got broken off the tip of my custom catfish pole. This is one my father made for me and he hand wrapped all the threads. It even has my name on it. Dad isn’t makeing these any longer. I should have locked it in a safe somewhere, but fishing poles are meant for fishing.

I also had my mind blown by The Walking Dead tonight. I was about to be pissed over the Glen storyline, but breathed a small sigh of relief. I won’t feel perfect until I know he wasn’t bitten.

Tomorrow might be the day I get to drop off my truck for repairs. At least I hope it works that way. Beyond that, I want to do some more writing.


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That was kind of fun

The kids, and grandkids, are in town. They bought us tickets to a hockey game tonight. The Idaho Steelheads vs. Ontario Reign. We’ve never been to a game before, and know nothing about the rules. We had a great time though.

Here’s proof that I’m not BSing you:



Our seats were were right in the “end zone” or whatever you call it. We even got to see an awesome fight with helmets flying and gear scattered all over the ice. Bonus: they had beer. I had three O’dells 90 Shilling ales, and they were pretty good.

Idaho scores! As indicated by the flashing red light.



My my son bought me what he called a cheering stick. It’s a heavy plastic mini hockey stick.



I told Old What’s Her Face* if she wasn’t good I was going to paddle her with it. She wasn’t scared at all. She was kind of into the idea. Now I’m scared.

The game ended in a tie at 3×3. It went into a shootout to determine the winner. Idaho scored 4 out of 5 times, and Ontario scored 1×5 times. Idaho was the winner, but I don’t understand the rules at all. Anyway, yay home team!

My brother-in-law told me shootouts are rare, so we got our money’s worth. Something new, good beer, fight, shootout, and victory for the home team. I’d go again, for sure.

* The names have been changed to protect the innocent.


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