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Evolving and trying new things

This is the first post I'm making with an app called Blogsy. Apparently it gives me some access to different fonts, but that part works for crap. I tried three or four, and Times New Roman was all I could change to. That part's a bit buggy. I'll try to find something more pleasing. How about Helvecta, no. Verdana looks nice.

I've noticed a new etiquet issue recently. I've always been on team follow back. This is probably going to change soon, because I can't keep up with everything I've subscribed to. The etiquet issue occurred on Twitter.

I'm getting all the instant replies on Twitter, and I can live with those. You probably know the ones, “Follow me on Facebook too.” Those I don't mind, it's a symptom of the world we live in. I've received two recently that really bug me. They're both the same and go something like this: “Would you like a free copy of my novel Awesome Story, in exchange for a review.”

As a matter of fact, I wouldn't like a copy of Awesome Story, and will go out of my way not to read it. Geez, at least buy me a drink or kiss me first. The first time, I responded with a thank you and explained that my TBR list was full. The Tweeter said if I would provide my email address he would graciously provide the book anyway. I disengaged.

Last month I was discovered on WordPress by the religious community. This doesn't offend me, I follow blogs from Wiccans, Catholics, Athiests, Jews, Druids, Buddists, Muslims, Mormons, and one Jehovah's Wittness who's a blast to read.

The point is that none of them preach at me. Talk about it on occasion, and I'm fine with that. Make it every post, and I may move on.

I follow people will illnesses, addictions, depression, and more. None of them blogs exclusively about that either. These are all creative people and that's what drew me in, and keeps me.

There is about to be a winnowing of the blogs I follow. I follow hundreds of blogs, and can't keep up with them all. I will test drive anyone, but don't feel obligated to stay with those who are one trick ponies. Maybe I'm shooting myself in the foot, but I can't actually read all of them.

I keep threatening to unfollow a bunch of poets, but can't bring myself to do it. They post the best graphics of anyone out there, and I like that. Maybe it isn't what they were going for, but I'm being honest here.

Back to Blogsy. I want to test how it handles links. The Cock of the South. Feel free to hit the link.

I also want to test how it handles pictures.

It's a little bit quirky, but I'll give it some time. I have no idea why it automatically changed pitch at this point, but these letters are definitely smaller.

Weigh in people. What do you think of automatic tweets that promote me before we even meet? Am I a sinner for unfollowing blogs that aren't holding my interest? Have any of you tried Blogsy, and are you happy with it?


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