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It’s election day

I reject your reality and substitute my own. I’ve listened to all of the political venom being spewed about for over a year now. I’ve grown tired of being online during all the mud slinging and rah-rahing. I’ve skipped the national news for nearly two years now. Local news I still watch. Friends post political stuff that I simply flip past now.

Every interesting thing on social media leads to some commenter making snide political remarks. I hope that it all ends after the election, but I’m sure it will just change to different targets. This is the fun of the two party system.

Idaho effectively disenfranchised me by going to a caucus system. It was fairly simple to cast a vote in a primary election. I could do it after working a full shift. In the caucus, I have to dedicate an entire day to some kind of strange game. I know who I like and who I dislike. They knew this when they changed the law. Keep people like me from participating and only the select ones will show up and choose our rulers.

Seconds to punch a ballot, all day to play caucus roulette.

Now we’re stuck with two candidates that scare the hell out of me. In my opinion, whoever wins America loses. It’s all a bit like this:

While everyone else is choosing which Horseman of the Apocalypse they prefer, I’m going to hang out with my robot at the writing cabin.



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