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Well, it happened

WordPress updated their app to the new block editor. There was the old editor which worked extremely well. Then there was the new editor which everyone hated, causing them to dig deep and keep using the old editor. Then the new block editor came along AKA Gutenberg.

For the most part, everyone hates this one, too. I figured I’d have to adapt or die, so I used it earlier today. I’m using it right now. As far as text goes, it’s no big deal.

My first experience was assembling a promotion post for a friend. I prepared and scheduled it here, then opened the old editor to add links and graphics. That’s workable, but not as cool as being able to do it all here. I like to left justify book covers and author photos. I’m going to try an experiment right here. I want to add a left justified image to this block of text. – Nope. Didn’t work. It can go above or below this paragraph, but not left justified right here.

I started writing my next Story Empire post. This one is about The Herald character. There is a certain amount of research that goes into these, too. It’s part of my Character Archetypes series over there. If you missed out on The Ally, you can click the link in this paragraph.

I’m also dabbling at some promotion for Grinders. Once again, I’m trying something new. This time I prepared a list of topics. I’m emailing that list around to my hosts. Once they choose, I’ll write the post, then do a strike-through on that topic, and add the date it will post. This is an attempt to spread promo out, keep each post original, and avoid traffic when everyone posts at once. Might work well – might be a complete disaster, but I’m doing it this way.

After I sort out each one, I’ll forward the list to my next host and let them choose. Maybe this way I can keep it going for two weeks, and won’t have to reblog several posts in one day. I’m also staying open to suggestions, because maybe someone has a theme going on their specific blog, and I can custom write something for that.

Early sales and reviews matter for a book. If you might be interested in Grinders, the image in the sidebar is linked. I think people are going to like this one, but I always feel that way. Other things you can do are to add it on Goodreads, express interest in it on BookBub, and to share it on your social media.

I don’t see myself getting any new words down this weekend. I only get two days, and Sundays are always tougher. Maybe I can get more posts about Grinders prepared and have those ready.

Today is Mom’s birthday, so I called her. I’ll still call them tomorrow. I like to stay in touch, and if some small bit of time is what it costs, it’s worth it.

We’re going to work in a small date night tonight, and might rent a movie. I also need to pay the bills sometime this weekend. Mundane stuff, but it all matters.

Hope you guys are having a good weekend out there doing some fun things.


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That was Brutal

I just got back from meeting with an editor. It was just about what I expected. Donna is a wonderful person, and isn’t afraid to tell it like she sees it. This is paramount to the writing process.

We learn from our failures. It’s the only way I’ve ever been able to improve. It’s the loser of the baseball game that learns something. Writing is all about critical opinions – if you really want to improve. I want readers to enjoy my stories, and this is one way to make them better.

Donna pointed out some good things, and I appreciate that about her. Then she rolled up her sleeves and went to work. There are ways I can ramp up the tension and increase empathy for my main character. I’m sure every writer can always do more.

I need to improve in showing vs telling. There are members of my critique group who will take great glee in hearing that. It’s something I’ve struggled with for a long time. Donna said it’s time for me to read fewer texts, and start reading more novels. I agree with this. I’ve known it’s a shortcoming for a long time.

I agree with pretty much everything she had to say. I need to expand on character motivations and experiences. There are also some story points that Donna missed. We talked at length about them. It isn’t that she didn’t get it, it’s that I didn’t put the point across well.

I recommend that every writer out there consider getting an actual editor to go over one of their pieces. I can get any number of people to tell me how wonderful my work is. I appreciate them too, but they can’t get me to the next level.

Donna read my novel, and gave me pointers that apply directly to me. You just can’t get that from a text book. Sure, she charges, but she put many hours into this project, and I know she didn’t charge nearly enough. She also met with me face to face, and went over the big issue items in detail.

My critique group goes over a dozen pages or so per month. They’re a great bunch of guys. Donna read the whole stinking book. (More than once, I’ll wager) She can weigh in on the character changes, the growth, and the hero’s journey.

Donna did a good job for me, and is going to email my entire manuscript back, with notes in key areas. If anyone would like to contact her, I’m sure she would appreciate the work. Donna Cook Tell her Craig sent you.

I feel a little like a minor leaguer who got called up, and sent right back down. I know many of those minor leaguers will be back, and I intend to be one of them.

Writing appeals to me, because it’s a journey and not a destination. I think I just made some strides down the trail.

My process is to pout a little bit, probably drink a little too. Once it all sinks in a bit, I’ll get to work and step up my game. I get to learn some things, and future readers will get a better product.


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The Fetal Position

Well, I did it. I read through my latest story, The Cock Of The South, so many times I’m not improving it further. I bundled it up and sent it to an editor.

I’m sure it can be improved, but I need someone to teach me what to do. She’s unbiased, and will give it to me straight. She seems like a genuinely nice person, and I’m sure there will be sweet mixed with the bitter.

The goal is to offer some of my old stories on Amazon. I’m excited about this tale, and it will be one that gets posted. I don’t want to jump the gun and start promoting just yet though.

This was a big step for me, and I think I’m about to get an education. Now I’ll just curl up in the fetal position and have a panic attack. Maybe I need a Binky too.


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