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It Finally Happened

Well, it happened. It was inevitable, eventually, but I never expected it to get here so fast. When I got up this morning I was SIXTY years old. I suppose I should be happy, not everyone gets this chance, but I’m kind of lukewarm to the idea.

I feel like I was supposed to accomplish a lot more by this point in life. Does everyone feel that way? Maybe it’s just me. (Not about me, about yourselves.)

My new iPad and keyboard arrived yesterday, so there is a gift involved. I spent the afternoon setting it all up and making sure all my storyboards, Pages documents, and blogs worked. This is the big iPad Pro again, but it’s smaller than the old one. They cut the button off and eliminated all that black space around the edges. The screen is the same size, only clearer and it’s all faster. Jury is still out about the size. This one is a bit more “wobbly” and feels overbalanced when I attach the keyboard. I think it’s just a learning curve, but don’t expect to have any issues with it.

Mom sent me a box of dipped strawberries. These things are awesome, and some disappeared before I took the photo. They came with a reusable blue ice thing, so I froze it for my daughter to use. She regularly trucks supplies back with her when she visits.

In a normal world, we’d go to Old Chicago or someplace so I could sample some new beers and have pizza. We’ll probably do takeout instead. Feels like a letdown for an epic year of my life, but without Covid-19, I might make it to 61.

I’m going to dedicate a big portion of the day to reading. I’m always behind on that, so with Old What’s Her Face at work it’s a good time for it. Normally, I’d thrill to have a quality writing day. I haven’t been writing for months. If you’ve been paying attention, and probably if you haven’t, I’ve been promoting one book or another since August. I’m really enjoying the interactions in the tour, but am suffering a bit of blog tour fatigue.

This brings me to writing once more. Every tour post is unique. From Grinders, through HMS Lanternfish, and now Mrs. Molony, there has been a lot of writing. It just isn’t new fiction. I’m undecided about when to take up the keyboard again. I have projects ready to go, but might not start again until December. Not for a few more weeks in either case.

Does anyone know any good cocktail recipes for my Geritol? Feels like some kind of rum concoction to me. Might need a slug of something while I fill out my AARP application. Maybe I should start making some notes about the “Good Old Days,” so I can annoy my children with tales.


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