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What have you done to me WordPress?

I've been working on some promotional posts for the release of Will O' the Wisp. On my first blog tour it was suggested to cover various topics like character profiles, a writing lesson, and a couple of excerpts. That way each post is different to a degree. I made notes so I could repeat the process one day.

I started this blog in the fall of 2013. Back then an average post was somewhere around 2000 words. One fellow, who used to follow me, indicated that shorter posts were more popular. I took his loss, and the lesson to heart.

Today, most of my posts are closer to 500 words, and a few have been much smaller. So now I'm trying to prepare my promotional posts. This is my bully pulpit to whip up interest in Will O' the Wisp. I'm having a hard time writing anything much beyond 800 words.

The excerpts are easy. I chose one where the wisp first appears, and one that involves a coming of age scene for my character. 1000 or so words, no problem. The rest of them are a struggle. I have trained myself to be concise. Is that really the best thing for a promotional post?

I'm asking, because I don't really know. My history in placing advertisements says to get to the point. In this endeavor, it isn't so obvious. A headline that says, “Buy My Book,” kind of does that. It just isn't sexy.

So my question today is where is the line? Blog readers are often skimmers, and the first paragraph should contain the message. Some readers will want a bit more. I'd like to hear from the readers out there, and some of the veteran writers. Where is the line?


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