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Just a few photos

I'm not going to try to be entertaining or informative. We decided to head north today. This involved the Tillamook Cheese Factory, and Cannon Beach. I've been to the cheese place before, and the crowds are huge. I decided to wait outside with Otto. We had a nice walk and a cup of coffee. My wife brought me a great ham and cheese grilled sandwich and some tater tots, which I shared with Otto. The view from outside.

Pelican Brewing opened a new brewery in Cannon Beach. They are supposed to have one of the best bowls of clam chowder on the coast, and my wife wanted to try it. It wound up being a 45 minute wait for an outside table. We took Otto to a dog park right along the main drag, and right across the street from the brewery.

The ladies went shopping while my brother-in-law and I held our place in line. This is our natural role in life. My brother-in-law bought me a pint of porter while we waited, and it was wonderful. I may have bent the rules a little by having it on the sidewalk. You just can't lock a puppy in a hot car and leave him.

Fortunately, Pelican Brewing, and most of Oregon, is dog friendly. We had to sit outside, but the chowder lived up to its reputation. I like to sample the beers, and had a great Scottish ale with my chowder. I love the name too; MacPelican.

Otto had a blast with all the other dogs around, and the people all became big fans too. Some stopped us on the street and asked for photos. He attracts the paparazzi now.

After our lunch/dinner, we decided to go to the beach. Cannon Beach is where they filmed part of The Goonies. It's where the One Eyed Willy rocks are. I posted that shot last year, so I'll save you from another image of the rocks.

Otto loves water, and the surf was no exception.


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Kind of wiped out today

We headed about 80 miles north, to Astoria today. The problem is it takes about six hours to get there. Traffic is horrendous, and slow.

We also stopped at Cannon Beach both directions. Astoria is kind of a bust. It just doesn’t have the charm of the other coastal towns. We drove past the Goonies house, but it is privately owned. We found an article that said the owner isn’t too happy that Google marked it on their maps. People knock at all hours of the day and night, they leave trash in his yard, etc. We drove past and moved on.

Cannon beach is where a lot of the scenery for the movie was filmed, and it’s much more charming. We stopped again on the way back to take pictures of what I’m calling the One Eyed Willy rocks.

I added another tee shirt to my pile. This one has a cool Bigfoot graphic on it. When winter comes, I’m going to have some cool new shirts to wear around the house.

I took one photo in Cannon Beach, because the place spoke to me. All of the downtown is so cute and put together, then there is this one building. It’s been neglected, and looks like a story element to me. One of my commenters said she likes my inspirational stuff, so here it is. Haunted art gallery, anyone?

We drove through some ancient forests today. The undergrowth consisted of blackberries, segmented grasses, and ferns. All the downed logs were covered in thick mosses. The whole thing screams, “Once upon a time.” It isn’t hard to envision Treebeard, or fairies living there.

I’ve read many stories where magic ebbed and flowed in some cycle. Most of the time it’s the lunar cycle. Why not the tide? This is also influenced by the moon, but it happens twice per day. It might be fun to delay the final battle with your evil character to time the low tide, when the character is weaker. Miss it, and the monster may come after you on the high tide. It could increase the urgency, whereas waiting for a month could get boring.

That’s it for tonight. I bought a shellfish license, and may throw out my crab ring tomorrow. I love crabbing, and the eating isn’t bad either.


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