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We’re all mad here…

March is a new month, and I like to freshen up the old website on a monthly basis. While I don’t feel the need to reflect the month every time, on occasion it’s fun. What can you say about March? It’s usually a muddy mess here. This brings me to the hare.

March is the breeding month for old world hares. The season actually extends both directions past March, but that’s the popular belief and I’m going with it.

The old saying I remember is, “Mad as a March Hare.” Others have used, “Brainless as a March Hare.” So apparently old Bugs gets kind of offbeat during the mating season. They run around and chase each other, for the obvious reason. They stand up and box. They also sometimes randomly jump and do weird flips. In the rabbit circle, these jumps are called binkies.

But wait; rabbits and hares are actually different creatures. They’re related to each other, and look similar, but they’re different too. About the only fact is they’re both rodents, but so is a beaver and nobody gets him confused. As we’ve moved away from an agricultural way of life, they’re all just bunnies now. Bunny is a term of endearment, and not a proper name.

In general terms, rabbits are born blind and hairless. They live underground and are built more compactly to accomodate this lifestyle. A rabbit’s best defense is to hide from you. They like softer food like grasses and your vegetables. Rabbits make good pets.

Hares are longer and leaner. If you look at him, he’s built for speed. He generally has bigger feet and longer ears. Hares are born fully furred and can see from day one. They are capabable of moving about an hour after birth. Their fur is generally tipped in black. They nest above ground. If he see’s you, he’s going to run. While there is some crossover in foods, hares are more browsers than rabbits. Hares are more likely to go for bark, the tips of branches, or leafy shoots. Hares are the ones that kill your trees in tough winters. Hares do not make good pets. They aren’t named after the fact that they have hair from birth. My research says it’s actually a twisting of a German word meaning grey.

If you think about life above ground, running is a decent way of staying alive. When you have a handy burrow, or warren if you’re being proper, you don’t need to be as fast.

Now it gets crazy mad.

Jackrabbits are actually hares.

Cottontails, which nest above ground, are still in fact rabbits. Some cottontails have black tips to their fur – still rabbits.

The March Hare, from Alice in Wonderland, is usually illustrated with straw on his head. This is because that was a popular way of illustrating the mentally deficient way back when. I have no idea why this came to be. If you know, tell me in the comments.

If he turns white in the winter, he’s a hare. Not all hares turn white. The blacktailed jackrabbit, which is a hare, does not turn white in the winter. The whitetail jackrabbit, still a hare, does turn white. No rabbits turn white in the winter.

Out west, when something or someone runs, we call it jackrabbiting. But all jackrabbits, regardless of species are hares. Hares tend to run, get it?

Both rabbits and hares have a hare lip. Why make the hare the example? I have no idea.

Rabbit is so good to eat that it’s actually commercially raised for that purpose. You can choke down a hare if you’re in survival mode, but wouldn’t order it on purpose.

We use many terms dating back to the hare in our modern language. Most folks forget where they originate. I’ve aleady mentiontioned the hare lip, but in basketball we have March Madness. There are March Madness sales at stores too. The tortoise, which is not a turtle, did not race a rabbit he raced a hare, which may have been a jackrabbit, which is still actually a hare.

So for March, “We’re all mad here.”


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Saturday recovery

It's been a long week. I not only put in my 40 hours, I have a book release going on. (As if you hadn't noticed.)

I've been returning to all the sites to play in the comments, but beyond that, I've been pretty slow. I got a comment today that made me think. There might be someone out there who doesn't know this stuff, so I'll address it.

Amazon comes up with things they think will benefit us. Some do, some don't. The pre-order isn't some kind of thing authors invented. Amazon came up with this, but here's how it shakes out at my level. The book sales are all tallied on the day they deliver. This is important to me as an author, and here's why. If my book registers a large enough pile of sales, I may get into some of the lists. This means more visibility, and the possibility of more sales when someone is shopping using the top 100 in that genre. Maybe they shop the top 100 new releases, that kind of thing.

The point is, if you want to add it to your reading pile, buying it during the pe-release helps me out. You don't have to read it immediately, it will be ready when you are. I'm not jacking the price later or anything. It's just that simple. Many of my followers are authors, but many of you aren't so that's why the whole pre-order thing is set up.

The email arrived at about 10:00 this morning:

I'm in New York stumping for your new book, and dropping off posters. Decided to get some retail therapy. Please look in on Bunny, I'll be home late. — L

I decided I'd better get out to the writing cabin. Lisa* works hard, and deserves a little time to herself. I flew out and went in the kitchen.

A large Baggie of rabbit pellets sat on the counter with a note. I counted out precisely 748 pellets for Bunny. Please give them to him, then put his dish in the sink. His treats are in the refrigerator. –L

The apple slices and small carrots were all lined up with small notes telling me what time to give them out. I swear, her methods are robotic sometimes. Heaven forbid she just scoop the bowl full of rabbit chow and walk away.

After I got Bunny all tended and on schedule, I decided to write. I managed a little over 600 words on a new short story. To be real honest, Doubt the raven impeded me. This is first draft material, and the idea is to get it on paper. He can start his complaining when I start editing the damned thing.

I'm kind of jazzed about this story, because it's written for a subsequent Experimental Notebook. Many of the stories are just for fun. Some of them are written to try new things out. This one is intended for publication from the beginning. I had a lot of requests for the return of Jason Fogg, and I'm trying to deliver. There is some mileage left in a guy who can turn into fog and slip under doors unseen.

Jason has some serious flaws to deal with too. He's done some shady things when nobody knows he's around, and I can't completely abandon that either. This time, I'm treating it more like a recovering addict, he wants to be a pervert, but he has been good.

Jason can have several thousand words, and that's fine. I started out in third person and wrote a couple of pages before it dawned on me that his origin story was all first person. I want that to carry through. I discarded and started over. Maybe Doubt has some value after all. At least I didn't write the whole thing.

Today isn't Jason's day though, and it might not be mine either. I need to show that life moved on for Jason and Riley, the girl he rescued. This puts the curse of backstory into play. Right now, I'm looking at this material as test material. It may take me some time to get completely back into Jason and Riley.

I'd better go. It's time to give Bunny his apple slice. I hope Lisa gets home before I have to cuddle him for exactly 32 minutes. Maybe on Easter, but today is still Saturday.

I also promised my wife we would have date night tonight. We are moving ahead after the death of our old dog, and it's time to get on with life.

Note: There are a lot of new followers lately. For your benefit, Lisa Burton is my personal assistant and the spokesmodel for Entertaining Stories. She is actually a robot, and is out stumping for my new book, The Playground. Bunny is her pet rabbit. Doubt is a huge raven. He was a gift from my Muse, and is supposed to help me with my editing.


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Merry Christmas from Entertaining Stories

I'm struggling with when to post this, and am writing it ahead of time. Everyone seems to be signing off over the holiday, and I may be in a similar situation. I just don't know what my availability is going to be until Saturday.

There is a Christmas breakfast, and a visit to see the grandkids' loot later that day. It sounds like I'm being pressed into baking some kind of dinner rolls, and that will eat into my schedule too. We have everyone coming over for Christmas dinner that evening. The point is, it's going to get busy this week.

I may be able to visit blogs here and there over the weekend. I'll try to leave my Gravitar if I manage to stop by.

I hope to find some writing time, but this may not be the week for it. Now that yak guy is adventuring once more, Lisa* is all alone at the writing cabin. I feel bad leaving her all by herself, and hope she isn't too shook up. I know how much she likes having work to do, and a bunch of guests around.

Merry Christmas from Entertaining Stories, and I'll see you again after the holiday.


*Lisa Burton is my assistant, and the Spokesmodel for Entertaining Stories. She's also a robot and has appeared in one of my novels and a short story.


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