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One tired bulldog

And the feeling is mutual. We had a house full of company this weekend. My parents were here, my daughter came over from Sun Valley to visit Grandma and Grandpa. She also had a local friend spend the night, so there were a bunch of us. Otto’s weekend was filled with new people to pet him, extra socks to steal, snacks to beg for, and heavy duty play time.

I’m pooped too, although I never stole any socks or performed any tricks, I had the same amount of company. I wound up neglecting this blog, and it’s time to remedy that.

The blog tour is over for my second Experimental Notebook. Early reports are that people are enjoying my experiments. We discussed the difference between short form and novels. We revealed some of the things that inspired the stories in the book. Lisa toured around, and handed out her posters, and it was a lot of fun. A few of you made every stop, and I’m overwhelmed with that kind of response. Thank you to everyone who offered to host me, and I hope I delivered what you requested.

I sold a few copies, and flirted with one of Amazon’s top 100 lists three different times. You know how it works, you creep in and fall out. It happened three times though. I also found a bunch of new blog followers, and that’s wonderful too.

Somewhere along the way, someone called me “The hardest working person in fiction.” I wish that were true, but it made me feel really good. Maybe someday, when I don’t have to hold down a full-time job.

During all of this, my workplace imploded. I really wasn’t effected, but big changes rippled throughout the building. I am playing a pivotal role in trying to heal everything, and am making some progress.

Needless to say, there was no new fiction getting written around here. I have plans to hit the promotional stuff again in October. That gives me a few precious days to think about my own writing. It’s almost a disservice to tear back into my novel, but I have a few short fiction pieces that I could address.

Somewhere in there, I’m going to go camping again. Some way, some how, I need some of that forest time to recharge.

So Otto isn’t the only one who’s tired out around here. I still have some posts to check back on. I like to participate in the comments, and have met some wonderful people that way.


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Well, that was strange

Today is my flex day off, kind of. Otto let me sleep until six, and I shouldn't gripe since my workday starts at 4:00. By the time I had breakfast and fed him, it gave me a small amount of time to get something accomplished. I dedicated it to email and some social media.

I'd be lying if I said I didn't play with Otto. Having a puppy is too darned much fun. They grow up fast and puppy play should not be put off.

I had to take him for his last puppy shots at 9:00. We decided to go back to our old vet, because we love him. We tried the local guy, but didn't like the way he treated us. He liked to take the dogs in back, do something, return them, and refuse to tell us anything that went on. Everyone at the old shop came to pet the bulldog puppy, and his butt was wiggling like crazy. The vet sat on the floor and gave Otto the once over while Otto ate his tie. Didn't bother this guy one bit, he thought it was funny.

The issue lies with the 20 mile one way trip to get him there. Boise isn't huge by city standards, but our 8:00 traffic can rival the best of them. The point being that I lost available time here. Otto is perfect, by the way. He weighs 38 pounds today. That's a lot of growing from the 10 pound baby we got the day before Memorial Day. I checked his records on the way out, and Otto was born on April first. Seems fitting for him to be born on April Fools Day.

I had to return to the office for an important meeting this afternoon. My office is about two blocks from the vet, so another 40 mile round trip had to fit into the schedule.

At the end of the day, I didn't get a lot done. I hoped to do some reading, and maybe work on a short story. Didn't happen.

I did manage to work on some spots for Lisa Burton Radio, so hopefully those will come together according to schedule. It isn't much, but that was my big accomplishment today. If I keep squeezing little things in, it seems to add up. It's like the folks who write a thousand words per day. Those words add up to a novel in fairly short order.

Okay, maybe I'm giving myself a sales pitch. It is what it is, but I got some small things done.


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By Special Request

I genrerally don't post on Tuesdays, but then I skipped Monday which is a normal day. What are you gonna do???

This blog feeds into my Facebook page, but I've been throwing a little extra puppy love out over there to encourage folks to check it out. This blog's been around for a while, but the Facebook page is new. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

I got a request for some more Otto pictures, and since it's quick and easy, I'm going to post a few. This puppy is growing up fast. He's more of a toddler now and not a baby any longer.

This is a photo my wife snapped on her way back from Nevada. I owned bull terriers for 18 years. We also had the old pitbull. We know bully breeds sleep in odd positions. Otto takes it to a whole new level though.

Otto slept on the console of my wife's car. I think he just wanted to be with her, but he fell asleep and spent over an hour in this position.

This one is him chewing on his new Kong tire toy.

It's my wife, I swear. Otto has more toys than the kids ever did. He's honest about them though. He intends to play with them and chew them up. The kids shoved them under beds and played Nintendo.

There it is. Quick easy post, by request.


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Bulldogs like camping

I've been almost completely out of touch this weekend. I had a two-bar cell signal, and using that for Internet access wasn't worth it.

I took a book with me, but never got a chance to read it. The timber, the smells, time where it's just my wife and I was too precious.

Otto had a great time out camping. We stayed in Ponderosa State Park, and all pets must be on leashes. He's never been on one, and this posed a tiny problem. What kind of leash to you buy for a puppy with no neck?

We opted for a harness and one of those retractable leashes. I expected crying and rolling on the ground, accompanied by chewing on the harness.

Otto likes it. He wore it proudly even when I called it a bra.

The leash is another matter. It falls into the category of something he can get into his mouth. A bit of scolding, and he behaved himself with it too.

This little doe visited camp on Friday night, and Otto didn't even see her.

There were plenty of dogs around, and since they were leashed, the deer never had a problem at all.

Otto was pretty popular. We had people coming to our camp all weekend to see the puppy. It seems like everyone had a bulldog, wants one, or knew someone. He was excited to meet a bunch of new friends.

Our mushrooming trip was a flop. Summer is too far along this year. This is traditionally a great week, but the season is different. Otto enjoyed splashing around in the stream. He'll be getting a bath in a few minutes.

We had a bit of an issue when the leash reached the end. He didn't care about the harness, or the leash, but when the leash limited how far he could go, he pouted.

This is his pout face, and he refuses to look at me.






The deer came back this morning, and this time she came right into our campsite.

Otto saw her this time, but he kind of froze in place. He has no idea whether deer feed on Bulldogs or not.

The gigantic boxer next door had no reservations. He barked at her, so she left. He was nearly as big as she was, and I've never seen one that big. He was a nice, well behaved, dog.










The trip home was pretty boring for Otto. He knew the fun was over, and it was snooze time. I only wish it was for me too.











This was my view for over three hours today. There was a three car pileup, with a fatality. So we sat. I had to idle and keep the air conditioner going the whole time.

Otto can be kind of heat sensitive, but I'd be lying if I said my wife and I enjoyed it too.

I am pretty sure traffic backed up for over thirty miles.

I need to get back to all the stuff I neglected this weekend. I know I've missed some of your posts, and I'll try to catch up.

I've also sworn a vow that I will not attempt any new writing until I finish reading that book.

Age has pulled a cruel trick on me and my concentration. I caught myself reading the same page, even the same paragraph over and over again. It doesn't take much to cause this. The Raven two trees over, the dog in the next camp, a kid petting Otto. My concentration is shot.

I used to read while the television ran. Radio was no problem, and I liked some background music. I could read and carry on a conversation with my wife. Those days are over. If I have to backtrack that much, I need to find a better time to read. I will, but I won't set any other goals until I finish. This I swear.


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Life in Ottoland

It's Wednesday, and I need a topic, so Otto the bulldog puppy it is. He hasn't lived here a week, but he's fitting in well.

He moved from lonely and pouting to happy and bouncing off the walls in just a few days. I tried getting a cute video, but my videography skills are lacking. This would have been of my wife scratching under the sheet and him pouncing on her fingers.

He likes to chew on everything, mostly my feet. This is no surprise, because puppies chew. We need to get something he can call his own to chew on. He has some puppy toys, but they only draw sporadic interest.

I threw one of these plush toys at him when he tried to chew on a cabinet. He stopped, but I learned that he's a pouter. He stared into space and wouldn't look at me for a good half hour.

He also likes keys. I have no idea why, because he can't chew on them. Maybe his breeder took them for drives or something.

When he walks he looks kind of like a horny toad from above. For those who don't know, this is the horned lizard of the American West. It's a staple of little kids everywhere (everywhere in the American West that is). Their little butts wiggle as they walk, and so does Otto's.

He wound up on his back a few times too. He's a bit like a turtle when he's on his back. It takes a few wiggles to right himself, but he is capable of righting himself.

My wife took him to meet the veterinarian this afternoon. This was part of our agreement with the breeder, and a good idea anyway. The vet gave him a perfect bill of health, and a microchip. This is also a good idea, because some people steal cute puppies. The breeder took him to her vet before she brought him over, and he's gained two pounds in five days. (I can relate.)

So there you have it. Otto is fitting in around here. He barks at ice cubes, eats like a horse, and is gaining confidence every day.

I promise to work on my camera and video skills, and next time I can have some images for you.

Okay, so it was a lame excuse for a post, but it's Wednesday and I've got nothing. I know it would be better with a picture, but he doesn't stay in focus very long. I'll work on it.


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Big changes at my house

They say time heals all wounds, but it really doesn't. Wounds leave scars. This isn't a bad thing, because they are part of our makeup. These can be physical or emotional scars, it's really all the same. I wouldn't trade my scars, but it's nice when the pain dies down.

I get up every morning and look for the old pitbull. He isn't there, and I miss him. He used to lay by the front door every day at 3:00 even after our last one graduated. He still expected someone to come through that door when school let out. We're all creatures of habit. I come home from work and glance around even though I know he isn't there.

I've had a dog ever since I was a small child. I've had as many as three at once, but I've never been without one before. It isn't a lifestyle I would recommend to anyone. There have been times in my life when the dog is my only friend. Bad day at work, angry wife, unpaid bills – the dog still loves me.

Sometimes the wound requires a bit of help. Some kind of elixir to speed things along. Sometimes it's a simple cure, like a good beer or a good book. Sometimes it isn't. This time, only a special kind of help is going to work.

Therefore; meet Otto:

Otto is a bulldog puppy. He arrived this afternoon, hand delivered by the breeder. These lovely people drove over from Burley. While it's still in Idaho, it's several hours from here. We also got to meet Otto's brother who is on his way to a family in Nampa today.

My wife and I looked at many breeds, but most of my dogs have been some kind of bully breed. We considered a bullmastiff, another pitbull, another bull terrier. Ultimately we decided to go for the original version.

There was a huge shopping trip last Sunday to get ready. We needed a new dog bed, some food, toys, dishes, the works. I never keep the old stuff, too many memories. Otto got all new stuff, for a new era in our lives.

We have high hopes for Otto. His “mommie” left us with several toys, a bag of food, and a blanket that smells like his brothers and sister. She also gave us a cute puppy book, and a stack of baby pictures of Otto prior to meeting us. We've been looking at videos she sent us for a couple of weeks, and the cuteness factor is pretty overwhelming.

So far, we've explored the back yard, learned where the food and water is, and had a tiny snack. It's Otto's nap time right now, and maybe I'll join him.

If you really need me, I'll probably be down on the floor somewhere with my new friend.


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