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This is not a book review blog, but…

There are so many bloggers out there with book reviews. It’s their thing, and they do it well. I don’t want to step on their toes. Sometimes though, you just find something that’s really good.

On Thursday I had some appointments, one to get my truck serviced, and a plan to stop by Chuck’s Barber Shop. For you kids out there, barbers are where we used to go for haircuts, prior to hairdressers taking over. A cluster of men wait their turn while everyone tells filthy jokes.

I knew Peterson Toyota would take about an hour, so I took my book with me. I managed forty five minutes of reading time, but they were pretty fast. They rotated my tires and washed it as part of the deal. I swear I spent longer at the barber shop.

What all this means is that I didn’t finish my book. I wanted to dedicate Friday to my own book, so I turned off all distractions and read like a madman. (A whole lot like a madman.)

This wasn’t just a reading death march. I read half a book in one evening, because it was that good.

I liked the posts Ali Issac made about her Conor Kelly books. The story sounded intriguing. I’m not one to start a series in the middle, so I bought Conor Kelly and the Four Treasures of Eirean.

Ali published Conor Kelly and the Fenian King this week. She’s smarter than I am, because she already had reviews lined up, and a small blog tour is going on right now.

For brevity, I call them Conor the first, and Conor the second. (Also for spelling sanity.) In the interest of full disclosure, Ali is a blogging friend of mine. Her outstanding blog is here. You should also check it out.

Conor the first is just a great book. It’s all about the mythology of Ireland, with it’s historic landmarks and fairies. The story is awesome too. Add them together and it was just an outstanding book.

Ali has been to all of these historic sites and blogs about them regularly. Her depictions of them in the book are vivid and genuine. I encourage my readers to check out the Conor Kelly books on Amazon. I made it easy and included links.

Note: while you’re logged into Amazon, my new book, Arson is available as of today.

I posted a five star review on Amazon, and you can read it there, because this is not a book review blog.


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The day I broke Twitter, twice

Today is my flex day off for this week. I decided to jump right in with the Rave Reviews Book Club. One of the things they want me to do is follow all the other members on various social media, especially Twitter.

I have an old Twitter account, mostly for cooking and celebrity stalking. Sometimes for stalking cooking celebrities. Why not right? I have a bad habit of jumping into new things with gusto. I’ve already posted my first RRBC book review.

I whined for a day or two because there really ought to be an app for that, then I decided to get with the program one Twitter at a time.

The first breakdown was at about 100 follows. Twitter sent me a message that said, “Hey dude, we think you’re kind of a pervy stalker dude and need to put you in timeout.” At least that’s how I remember it.

I went through about three chapters of Arson, trying to smooth out scene changes and fixing the default “it’s” that Apple insists I want every time.

When I went back to Twitter, I was paroled. I went for it. I became a pervy stalker again at about 380 new follows.

After another round of editing I was able to follow everyone in the club. Now if I attempt to read each tweet in my timeline I actually lose ground. New tweets load faster than I can read them all. I’m not really heartbroken, because I rarely used it anyway. Many of the members followed back and that’s awesome. Several of my tweets were shared with everyone, and it amounts to about 70,000 people if you add up all the accounts they follow.

I know that we are all following the same people, but the club has +/- 500 members. Some of these members have 20,000 followers, so it isn’t all duplication. The best part is my blog posts are the ones being shared. I always intended for this blog to be Craig central.

I wound up with a half dozen new blog followers, and that’s great. I’m sure more will come to their senses very soon. An additional bonus is getting a bit of editing done on Arson.

So if your Twitter world imploded at any time today, yeah, that was me. Just send the dry cleaning bill to my assistant Hellen Waite. Once again if you have a disaster involving Twitter, that I caused, go to Hellen Waite.

Now it’s time to medicate my clicking finger by wrapping it around a frosty glass of Belgian ale. It might take two or three before it feels better.


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Shoot me now. I am a spammer.

I landed at the writing cabin late this morning. The weather was nice, so I left the gyrocoper above ground and slipped in through the front door.

I grabbed my iPad and got comfortable in my easy chair. Having just joined the Rave Reviews Book Club, I have a few obligations to meet. I have to read and review one of the books by another member. I brought up my Kindle app and returned to Ambient Light, by Lorraine Adair.

Lisa* came in with coffee and slammed it on the end table without a word. She spun on her stiletto heels and headed for the door.

“Wait a minute,” I said. “What’s wrong?”

She turned and pursed her lips. “Looks like you have lots of new friends now. I don’t want to get in your way.”

“Wait a minute. This book club could wind up being good for all of us. More reviews, more sales, get it?”

“Yeah, but you didn’t promote Wild Concept through them.”

I leaned forward and folded my hands. “When I first start out I’m on some kind of probation. I can only promote one book. I just did the big giveaway for Wild Concept, and it was Panama’s turn. Besides, quite a few people have promised to post a review for Wild Concept. We have to give them time to actually read it.”

“So when can you promote more than one book?”

“To tell you the truth, I don’t know. I’m learning this as I go. Remember, I have five books and I’ve only gotten two published. I don’t know all the rules yet.”

“So when will you know?” She asked.

“I’m only one man here. Right now, as the new kid, I’m trying to follow all the rules. Then I have more editing to get to. I thought robots were supposed to be patient.”

“What ever gave you that idea? I’ve been loaded with emotions software, deal with it.”

“Um, well, the club is big on promoting things through other social media. I have an old Twitter account. How about I give your story a little push there? If they all retweet it, we could reach thousands of people.”

She perked up and tried to stifle a smile. “That might help. Maybe you could do it more than once.”

“We’ll see, now let me get back to my reading.”

When she left, I finished reading my book. I posted the review to Amazon and sent the obligatory email to the club. I’m nothing if not a rule follower.

I put together a couple of tweets for Wild Concept and Panama. I included the cool cover art and sent them on their Merry way. I am officially a spammer.

I got an email from the cover artist working on Arson. We started off with three black and white thumbnails, some discussion about what I liked, and waiting. Today’s email was a large color preliminary image. Oh my God, it’s going to be awesome. I can’t wait to show it to you guys.

I checked Twitter before I left and several people had retweeted my promotional tweets. When I showed Lisa she hugged me so hard I thought she might crack a rib.

*Lisa is the main character in Wild Concept. She’s a robot and helps me around the writing cabin.


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That didn’t go according to plan

I was supposed to research blog tours and book reviewers today. The plan was to reach out to several bloggers to help promote Wild Concept. I was also supposed to write some new words on my current project.

Old What’s Her Face* had other plans. We wound up going to town. Too much traffic around the new Trader Joes. We’ll have to check it out another day. There were a couple of places along the route, but we wound up at Old Chicago. When I’m a good boy, I get beer.

The St. Patricks day beer tour was awesome. Most of the tours are hit and miss. This one had eight beers I really enjoyed. Once you finish them all, you get this cool tee shirt:


Mom will be so proud


I managed to update my wallpaper for the month of March. Beware the Ides of March everyone.

* Not my wife’s actual name


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Wednesday Blogging

I decided to post twice per day over the weekend. I did this because I uploaded Wild Concept to Amazon and wanted a few more blog views.

I didn’t set the world on fire as far as sales are concerned. On the other hand, I learned something about blogging. I had more views over the weekend than I was getting in some full weeks. I also gained about twenty new followers by Monday night. Therefore; frequent posts are likely to increase readership. I assume there still has to be something of substance in the post, but – cool. I promise not to be intrusive if I don’t have something to say.

One of my posts, What a Wild Concept, became one of the top posts under my “Top Posts and Pages” widget. (Thanks to you guys) I assume this means WordPress will try directing other bloggers to read that post when they notify bloggers that I followed them or liked one of their posts. Since this is the one where I explain my novel, that has to be a good thing. That’s one I’d like others to read.

To make all this work, I had to learn how to put links on my images. It really wasn’t too hard, but it was cool to do something new. Maybe I’m easily entertained.

I learned something about book reviewers and blog tours in the helpful comments I got. I need to research these topics and take that plunge soon. All tips are welcome.

Finally, I became disillusioned with the Apple WordPress app. I decided to try BlogPad Pro. It’s more complicated, but it does so much more. I haven’t decided whether I’m sticking with BPP, but I like it so far.

So what’s likely to get on my weekend task list? Research into blog tours and book reviewers, with the end goal of approaching some about my novel. Start a final pass on Panama, which will be my next release. It’s only been saved for three years. Write some new words on Will ‘O the Wisp.

I had another visit from Lorelei* on the way home tonight. All these mini scenes have been floating around in my head, and they’re starting to feel like my next project. I left my cool fountain pen at the office, and my cool notebook is at home. I need to add some notes about characters and possible scenes. I can post about that later.

*Lorelei is my Muse.


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