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Congratulations Mr. Boyack, it’s a book

The Hat actually published a few moments ago. Before I could update my blog, somebody already bought one, so that’s a good sign. I’m going to give you a little free written idea of what it’s all about.

Lizzie St. Laurent is a hard working girl at the beginning of the story. When her grandmother passed she lost her living arrangement, and dropped out of college to make her own way.

She winds up with something from the estate, under some odd circumstances that I won’t spoil here. It turns out to be a hat that once belonged to her grandfather. Except, this hat is actually a being from another dimension. It appears Grandpa had a bit of a history.

Add in a cluster of innocent babies, some human traffickers, and witless authorities and you get a recipe for a paranormal adventure story like no other. The only problem is that Lizzie and The Hat need to learn to work together. In fact they need to go through a kind of symbiosis to make things happen.

They choose music as a way to learn more about each other, and find a way to work together. This kind of music:

I’d be honored if you would pick up a copy and check it out. I’m only asking 99¢, because it’s a novella. This is a bonus too, because you can read it in one afternoon. Here is the purchase link. If I did it right, you can also click on the cover in my sidebar.

I need to bundle up some pre-written posts, some cool Lisa Burton artwork I’ve been holding, and send some kit out to a few hosts who’ve offered to help spread the word.



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Something for the Writers

Yesterday I had the blues. I blogged about it. My wife noticed, and decided to take me away for a few hours. I blogged about that too.

It seems like there is always something out there that helps. A few beers and some time in the real world works wonders.

I found an awesome blog post by Joe Konrath yesterday. It was more of a pep talk, and there are some good points in it. Here is the link if anyone wants to check it out:  Konrath 

I managed a few words of fiction today, and I may get a few more in by supper time. Tomorrow, I’ll have the house all to myself and expect to make the words fly. I think I’ll save my word count for tomorrow and update the world then.

In the mean time, read Konrath’s post.


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Self Publishing Blues

I texted Lisa* at around 7:00 this morning. “Be there in about 30 min. I need you to download some old blues guitar riffs.”

“I’m on it, Boss. See you in 30.” She texted back.

After landing, I rummaged through the basement shelves and found the old story prop I wanted.


From an old story

I threw it over my shoulder and headed upstairs. Lisa had on a navy blue suit with a loosened narrow tie around her neck. Her hair was in a low pony tail underneath one of my old fedoras.

“Did I get it right?” She asked.


“So what are we up to today? Sounds interesting.”

“I’m feeling a little blue, and you’re going to help me work through it.” I handed her the guitar, and she plugged it directly into her own umbilical cord.

“We need an amplifier,” she said.

“I had the amp down there somewhere. Be right back.”

“Three shelfs to the left of the door, two down the aisle, and it’s on the left,” she said.

I held a thumbs up and said, “Wires?”

“No, I got bored one week and rewired a bunch of stuff down there. I can use it wireless, you just have to plug it in.”

We set up in my main office, and were off to the races.

“Sales of Wild Concept have been dismal.”

🎶 Ba na na Nah 🎶

“I didn’t expect any better”

🎶 Ba na nah na NAH 🎶

“As a first time author, there’s no reason for trust”

🎶 Ba na nah NAH 🎶

“But it’s a really fun story, and you ought to read it”


I moved my hand across my throat, and said, “Stop, stop.” Lisa was off to the races.

“No really, Lisa stop.”

“Why? Do you want to try it again?” She asked.

“I really didn’t think this through. I’m not a song writer–

“But you could be. I’m having fun.”

“Okay, let me finish this blog post the old fashioned way, then we’ll get our blues on.”


I’m not depressed over the sales of Wild Concept. I expected some minor activity, and that’s what I got so far. I’ve been invited to a blog interview, and I’m pretty excited about that. If someone likes my blog because of it, that’s great. If someone downloads Wild Concept because of my interview, that’s awesome. I’ll post about that as I get more information.

I didn’t send copies around for reviews, and haven’t done much more than write about it here. It’s out there now, and forever is a long time. I have a total of four old works I’m going to make available, and this will draw even more interest. I’ll play the discount game as I put new stories on Amazon. Of course, I’m going to write more too.

Lisa is the main character in the story, and my faithful followers have all met her. We’d appreciate it if a few more people would read the story, and a favorable review would be the icing on our cake.

Lisa said, “Yeah baby. Lisa needs a new pair of stilettos. They’re on Amazon too, and they’re so cute, they have–

“Stop. What are you doing? We’re blogging here.”


In closing, the book is called Wild Concept. The blue letters are a hot link, for your convenience. There’s also an image of the cover on my sidebar, and it’s a link too. This old blog post is a breakdown of what readers can expect.

Lisa asked, “Are you finished?”

“Yeah,” I said.

“Do you want to write out the Self Publishing Blues?”

“No. How about a little Rock and Roll Hootchie Koo?”

“Which version, Derringerr or Winter?”

I said, “Johnny Winter, of course.”

* Lisa is the main character in Wild Concept. She’s a robot and works at the writing cabin as my assistant these days.


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