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While I’m off, Old What’s Her Face and I have taken to watching a movie every night. I’m going to go over what I’ve seen so far.

I’ve been writing, and done quite well, but it seems I’m always posting word metrics and such. This is something a little different before I open my MS and get back to work.

Black Widow

I enjoyed it. It would have been better in its proper time slot among the other Marvel movies, but it told a good story. I always enjoy the Marvel films. I can see how they’re setting up the future of comic related films. Enjoyed the banter between Natasha and her sister, particularly the part about Natasha posing.

Ice Road

Didn’t really work for me. I liked the whole man vs. nature thing. Saving the trapped miners also worked as motivation. The antagonist and corporate shortcuts didn’t work for me. Honestly, who lugs dynamite around with them? It seemed a little absurd to me. On the other hand, Old What’s Her Face really liked it. It was adventurous.

Gunpowder Milkshake

I loved it. I am kind of wearing thin on female assassins, but have watched two films about them and liked them both. This one has some great settings and imagery. It’s totally off the wall, and completely fun. Think a combination of Tarantino and John Wick. There is one important distinction between this and Ice Road up above. They sold the suspension of disbelief and it never occurred to me to have the same thoughts I did about Ice Road. Absurd things in the Ice Road film weren’t sold as part of the bargain. It’s a good thing to remember as a writer.

Werewolves Within

I was up for some dark humor, but this didn’t push my buttons. The characters were all caricatures, which I expected. They fit into a group of standard horror tropes, and it was fun, but didn’t quite break any new ground for me. I was excited to see the ATT Girl in an actual role, and she was charming, but it wasn’t quite enough. I’m glad I watched it, so if this were Amazon I might rate it somewhere above three stars.

As I look back on the list, I might not be treating Black Widow fairly. I’ve spent a decade with Natasha, so I’ve seen her tricks. I love what she brought to the Marvel Universe, and might be at a point where I’ve seen it before.

I’m surprised that Gunpowder Milkshake was my favorite. I knew I’d like it, but the visuals and oddness of it appealed to me. I wanted to like Werewolves Within a lot more than I did. This doesn’t mean I disliked it.

How about you? Have you seen any of these? What did you think.

Tomorrow War is on my list, but today is a good day to post and I didn’t watch it yet. I have something brewing on Wednesday, so it was a good time for the movie post.

Now it’s time to open my MS and dive back into drafting new material.


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