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When plans go awry

I had my bachelor Saturday all planned out. I wanted to pick a few more peaches to eat fresh, then keep hacking my way through Lanternfish.

When I went into the back yard, Lorelei, the Muse, greeted me. She wore a pair of white shorts with an apron. That’s it aside from her sneakers. “About time you got started.”

“What are you doing here? I’m planning on editing today.”

“Yes. That’s all nice, but it’s creativity that fuels me. I want to work on your side project.” She stood on tip toes to reach the high-growing fruit.

I was inspired already. Lorelei is built like an Olympic diver, and her bronzed back glistened in the sun. “That has to take a back burner. I have two books to edit.”

“Oh, psssh! You’ll get them done. You should still dedicates some time to your science fiction project.” She handed me a peach, then went for another one.

And that’s where Saturday ended, folks. I had such a cool idea for my side project that I had to scrap most of the outline and start a new idea sheet. This was supposed to be character driven and fun. I suppose it still can be, but now it’s going to have a deeper plot. It might take me months to work this all out.

Part of this is because I’m thinking of a trilogy once more. Lanternfish was work, but perhaps if I start that way from the beginning, then don’t try publishing until it’s finished, it will be more fun.

So, what is a man, left to his own devices, supposed to do after all that? He does this.

Take few peaches fresh from the tree.

A little simmer in some simple syrup. Then pit and chunk them up.

Add a slug of insurance.

Don’t forget the other main ingredient.

Toss everything in the blender with ice, and don’t forget a nice tiki mug.

Okay, it’s wonderful, but would have been prettier with white rum. I used what I had on stock, and have my supper all ready. It’s health food, I swear.

I should find something to binge watch. Maybe some science fiction to keep my flow going.


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Running out of steam

Old What’s Her Face went to Nevada again. It’s just me and the dogs this weekend. My brother-in-law and his wife moved into their new house, and they’re throwing sod this weekend.

Dog sitting duty hasn’t been that hard, so I tried to use my time wisely. I’ve been mostly blogging all day.

That means sending out letters with proposed dates for tour hosts, then writing their posts as they respond. I still have one more to prepare and will try to do that before I call it a night.

I also marked up a critique sample for one of my group members and sent it out. I like to turn them around fast whenever possible. I only have weekends to work on things and others might be in that boat, too.

Somewhere in the middle of all that, I wrote and scheduled my next Story Empire post. I spent far too much time monkeying around with the block editor, but I need to do that. It looks like it’s here to stay and being curmudgeonly about it isn’t going to help me.

I know the original editor wasn’t exactly self explanatory either and I messed with it for a long time before I found the things I actually use. I never did figure out what that tool that looks like a highway stripe actually does.

Somewhere between waiting on email, and writing posts, I snitched a little reading time. I’m not the proficient reader I was as a youngster, and take frequent breaks. I’m enjoying some quality time to dive into a good book, but I have to do it my way. Eye fatigue is part of the issue.

It got cold here overnight and I actually ran the gas fireplace to take the edge off. I spent about two hours watching the temperature parked at 58 degrees, then decided it wasn’t actually going to warm up. They promised us some rain today, but it only drizzled for a short while. I hope it was enough to settle some of this smoke. It feels like it helped.

Old What’s Her Face comes home tomorrow, and Monday is a holiday. It’s smart for me to accomplish all I can today. It’s relatively calm, but I’m starting to burn out. Maybe, after that last post is sent off, I’ll try to find something on television. I’m in the mood for something Halloween related, but not a slasher.


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Do I dare call it a vacation?

My wife is on her way to St. George, Utah. Her plane was delayed by over an hour, but she's in the air.

I took a vacation day tomorrow, and I have a rotating day off on Friday. That gives me four days to get something done. My wife will return Saturday night though.

Tonight I'm going to update this blog. Then I'm going to tackle something before I go to bed. I have two radio interviews to work up, so it may be one of those. I may dig into my critique responses, but something.

The big sale for The Playground ended. I sold a few, but it isn't as big a deal as it would have been in 2014. Things seem to be changing, and I feel a little bit lost again. Rumor has it that nothing is selling all that well, and maybe it's just time to dig in. I've always had my best sales in the Fall, and I might wait until then before I promote too much more.

My book club bought many of the copies, so I have high hopes of getting reviews when they ultimately get read.

The last time my wife left town, I watched a couple of Marvel movies with my son. We don't interact much, but we had a good time. This time, I bought a copy of Deadpool, and since neither one of us had seen it, figured we'd do the same. When I woke up this morning, the wrapper was gone, and the movie wasn't where I left it. Turns out he found it last night and watched it without me. I feel kind of snubbed.

My wife hates it when I make plans, so she guaranteed that I have to watch the Grandkids one night. I swear I'd be better off to take a tent into the woods and write until the battery dies.

Doesn't matter, tomorrow is all about the Yak Guy. I'm going to add words to that story come hell or high water. I may even dabble with some short fiction when my head gets too tired of that project.

I also have reading to catch up on. I'm really enjoying the novel I've been reading, but it's taken me weeks to get through it. This is because of all the tasks I take on and not because of the book. I'm going to finish it though. I may have to look for some short stories after that, because I can get through them easier. Later this summer I can probably take on another novel.

In other news, I still have fruit trees to prune, thin, and spray. I have to earmark some time for that too. I'm looking forward to not going to the office, and getting some of my projects finished.


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First – Make a list

My wife is developing a tradition of going to Nevada and watching the Super Bowl with her brother. We both like football, but aren't fanatic about it. She doesn't get to see her family all that often, so I'm a bachelor once again.

The old pitbull needs someone who will give him his medicine, and I trust myself. So here I am, three days off and almost completely alone. Whatever shall I do?

I have a lot of things I want to get done. When it gets like this I make a list. So here it goes:

  • Make a list of projects. (It's always good to have something to check off the list.)
  • Get through my critiques and make any changes to The Yak Guy Project. (They liked it, by the way.)
  • Finish the retro science fiction short story.
  • Add words to The Yak Guy Project.
  • Recharge the camper battery. (It's been setting there all Winter.)
  • Read more of my beta reading project.
  • Write a dozen guest posts for The Playground. (Even if I don't use them all yet.)
  • Toy with a blurb for The Playground.
  • Mess around more with Facebook. Possibly join more groups. Get brave enough to mention that I have books available.
  • Update my blog a couple more times.
  • If I get lucky, start a new short story.
  • Remind myself that I'm doing this for fun. This will involve the return of Sleepy Hollow and the Super Bowl.

There's the list. I hope to get most of it accomplished. I don't have to get it all finished to feel content. Ready, set, go…


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Bachelor Weekend, and a Haunting

Old What’s Her Face* went south along with the grandkids. She’s got some visiting to do, and I’m left to my own devices.

Tonight it’s a cold beer, probably some peaches, and a good book. Then I’m going to budget editing and writing into the rest of the weekend. Somehow, I’ll figure it out. Saturday date time is out, so I’ll work on my stuff.

It wasn’t a haunting, exactly. Lorelei, my Muse visited me Wednesday and wants me to start writing again. This is when those little vignettes come to me. She’s been pouring it on thick lately, and it’s time to get on with it. Regular readers may remember the bit about the couple in Africa.

Writing it down is one way of remembering it for later. This vignette came to me on the morning commute. Who knows whether it will make it into a story, or not, but the good ones usually do. Here we go:

I awoke in the middle of a dry lake bed. The throbbing in my head was less important than the disorientation. Where the hell am I, and how did I get here?

Heat waves rose from the encrusted pan of the lake and obscured the mountains. I sat up slowly; now the throbbing was important. I put my hands alongside my aching temples, they were immediately wet with sweat. How long have I been here? A slight breeze only made it hotter, like fanning a fire.

A black dot bounced from side to side in the heat waves, but it was a long ways off. It was easier to see the sky. A lone vulture circled, but he was up pretty high and not worrying about which of my parts were the most succulent.

When I looked back down, the back dot was closer. God, I hope it’s a jeep. I stared for a long time and it was coming straight at me. The closer it got I decided it was a cow.

I stumbled to my feet and looked around. There was nothing but white salt pan as far as I could see, except in the direction of the cow. Mountain peaks rose above the heat waves and I decided that was the direction to go. Maybe there would be shade. Three steps later, and I was on my knees. How long until sundown?

The cow was closer now. It had horns, and it’s long hair was moving in the breeze. A cow on a salt pan isn’t completely unusual, but a long haired cow in the desert was unheard of. It stared at me and plodded forward. Is it going to hurt me? Does it matter stuck in the middle of nowhere?

The cow resolved itself into a yak. It was black and white, and wore a saddle. It walked right up to me and stopped. Then he spoke, “There’s a water skin behind the saddle. Get on and let’s get moving.”

I must have been hit on the head. My fuzzy logic figured maybe a drink of water would clear the cobwebs, then I could ask the yak what happened. Crazy, but that’s what I thought at the time.

The water was warm, but it was wet. I grabbed a fist full of yak hair to steady myself and stepped across the saddle. What the heck, at least it was a way out of here.

The yak turned and headed back the way he came. From my vantage point, I saw his tracks and he followed them perfectly.

“Where are you taking me?”

“To see him.”

“Is it far?”

“Pretty far. I didn’t grow this fur coat around here.”


And that’s all I got. Another vignette that I need to dwell on. I may have to write these stories, because they are pretty intriguing. Maybe this guy can be in the Africa story somehow. They have plenty of salt pans. Maybe not.

This one feels more like a fantasy, but could be paranormal. No sign of science fiction here.

I have two new molecules rattling around in my head. More will join them. When they start playing nice it usually becomes a story. There are many old molecules there too. Sometimes they make friends with one of the old ones and become a story. A future story. I already have one for now. Or maybe they’re good enough to move forward. I don’t know.

*Not my wife’s real name


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