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One of those days.

It's my son and daughter-in-law's anniversary today. Regular readers know what this means for grandma and grandpa.

I never got any writing done at all. I work ten hour days, and wound up tired at the end of the week. I slept in – it happens.

We wound up taking the kids to the Boise zoo. I really didn't want to bring them home, but Grandma didn't think the zoo would keep them. (But honey, we'll never know if we don't ask?)

Our zoo is very good for its size. They don't have any mega fauna, or apes larger than gibbons. They do a good job with what they have. I always enjoy it, and may go back alone one day.

When you take little kids it's fun, but a different kind of fun. They need to hit every snack bar, and all the playground equipment.

The littlest one had to climb on every bridge, fence, or landscape rock they placed. For a while our stroll involved take three steps, the little one fell off something. Cry and scream, dust off, three more steps and repeat. Still, we forged along.

My favorites are always the Siberian tigers. These days they are Amur tigers. I have no idea why, but same thing. They didn't cooperate today. Only one was out, and she soaked up the sun at the far side of her enclosure.

The lions were much more accommodating.

I still have that young couple in Africa in mind. They are great characters in search of a plot. It has to be one of my kind of plots, but I'm still thinking of them. Maybe I should create an outline and see where it takes me.

I'm sorely tempted to take my iPad to the zoo early and have this old gal help me outline it. It was late afternoon, and something tells me she's a morning person.



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