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Sometimes in life we do things that defy explanation. Things that go against our natures, because jobs demand it, marriage demands it, stability, parenthood, it makes for a long list.

Speaking of lists, I’ll share one here. I could use bullet points, but it is a long list. Consider some of these things in modern life: bills, jobs, mandatory overtime, politics, social media, violence in the street, import tariffs, export tariffs, immigration, social problems, terrorism, military actions, taxes, home maintenance, chores, yard work, house work, health care, veterinary care, it goes on an on.

We can all use a short break. Sometimes we need to take time to shut it all out for a few hours. This is why I write speculative fiction. The big “why” is so we can all escape for a few hours. I escape when I write it, and I hope you do too when you read it.

We have enough of the unavoidable things in our lives. It’s nice to know that the good guys can win. That a proper ending is still out there somewhere, even if it’s between the pages of a work of fiction.

I finally got Viral Blues into NetGalley and Book Sprout. If any of you are interested in a free copy in exchange for an honest review, these links may interest you.



I’ll be back out on the tour trail next week. I hope you’ll join me and speak up in the comment sections.


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Writing my little black heart out

I spent a large part of the day writing promotional posts for Will O' the Wisp. I want them all ready before hiring the blog tour organizer. I have six finished, but would like to have about ten. I only intend to try a one week push, but it's nice to have a spare. I still haven't written a character bio, or a Muse interview. Those should be pretty easy.

I sent out individual emails to everyone that got an advanced reading copy of the book. All the feedback I've received so far has been encouraging, and this was just a heads up that I intend to push the publish button next weekend. This way if they are going to post a review they have time to write it. My intention was to be as polite as possible to those who helped me. I sent these emails one at a time, because I never share email addresses without permission.

Note to self: send them the link where they can post a review after the book goes live. Make it easy for them.

The rest of the time was spent at my son's house. He smoked a tri-tip and invited us to dinner. The food and company were wonderful. He even bought me a nice Alaskan smoked Porter to wash it down with. My daughter-in-law made a wonderful apple dumpling dessert too.

I feel like I should have gotten more accomplished. It's just too hard to give up family time, and I won't do it. We even made plans to go fishing the next time he gets time off. I probably won't accomplish much then either. Spending time with them is important. It's good for me too.

When we got home, I downloaded Turbo Tax. It's going to be ugly, but I have to get it done sooner or later. It's in the other room, snarling at me on my Mac.

Tomorrow is all about calling my parents first thing. I may manage some more promotional posts. My critique group work has to get done too. I also have fruit trees to prune. My son already hit me up for the branches. They are good in his smoker.

If it all goes really well, I may start a short story about a biplane. Somehow, I doubt I'll get that far.


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