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The Rest of the Weekend

This weekend was kind of a bust… Again. I managed a mere 500 words of new fiction, but that's 500 more than I had before, and 500 more than last weekend.

We had date night at a cool restaurant where everything is about bacon. It's actually called Bacon in the daylight hours, but changes its name to Berryhill in the late afternoon. They even have different menus. Berryhill is still all about bacon, and there was bacon in the bread course, even infused in the butter. I really enjoyed my bacon lasagna serving. So I'm probably going to die from a bacon OD, but my body will be preserved for years. I'm also very happy.

My Amazon advertising isn't producing much for The Playground. It never costs much, and the exposure is huge. They don't seem to lead to many sales though.

I managed to move forward with two new episodes of Lisa Burton Radio today. They aren't finished yet, but there are some fun things coming up. I also paid for my next cluster of Lisa Burton artwork. I don't have a book coming out any time soon, but I need some general images to post on the blog.

I was recently awarded a Push Tuesday by the Rave Reviews Book Club. They chose to push Wild Concept, my oldest book. That isn't to say it's old, but the online world moves fast. It came out in February of 2014, I guess that makes Lisa two years old physically, but her database is much older than that.

RRBC started something new recently. They have a members only room on WhatsApp for us to promote and push our free and 99¢ books. My Experimental Notebook was pushed there too, and I sold copies. Experimental Notebook is always 99¢ though.

I kind of want to play in the WhatsApp room, so I'm holding a sale on Wild Concept. I haven't held a sale in about 18 months. For about five days, anyone – not just RRBC members – can get a copy of Wild Concept for 99¢. If I did it right, it will start tomorrow. Once it switches over, I can share it on WhatsApp too. I have to dig a little bit deeper, because they have a special hashtag to use on Twitter. This is so club members will support our sales, but it's a neat tip for readers too. If you follow that hashtag, you can find some great books for free or 99¢.

So let's talk about it. Wild Concept is Lisa Burton's origin story. It covers her journey from just a high tech piece of equipment to the Lisa we all know and love.

It covers her first job, chasing a killer for the Hudson PD, to her flight from the company that created her.

Her questionable decisions are here too. This includes her sometimes garish makeup she learned from YouTube videos, and tattoos so she would fit in with others.

It also addresses issues of prejudice. Some folks aren't too keen on the idea of robots in our society.

I don't expect this to be an overwhelming success. I've never had much luck with sales, and that's why I stopped doing them. On the other hand, I'm a pretty good club supporter, and want this experiment to succeed. If I did it correctly, the sale should start in the morning. You can get your copy of Wild Concept right here.

Finally, I sent out an advertising inquiry for The Playground. This involves sponsoring a blog talk radio show where others are talking about their books. I would get a banner and visual ad that could produce some sales. I like it, because it's different from everything else available out there.

For the rest of the evening, it's Game of Thrones, and a mug or two of a nice Bock beer from McCall Brewing. Okay, I'll probably check email to see if I can finalize those two radio posts, and check my baseball score. The game was all tied up in extra innings the last time I checked. But I'm doing it with a frosty mug in my hand, so it counts as relaxation.


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Is there anyone in this galaxy who doesn't know I have a new book out today? The tour was really fun, I met some new people, and we had a ton of interaction. The pre-sale period is over, they delivered today and you can simply buy a copy now. Those of you with Kindle Unlimited can read it for free.

At the risk of irritating everyone, you can check out The Playground at this link.

I'm so grateful for everyone who added it on Goodreads, bought a copy in the pre-sale, and hosted a tour spot. I'm also grateful for everyone who reblogged or shared the posts across social media. I'm thrilled about everyone who stopped and left us a comment.

I thought I might write out the whole book of heroes who loaned me their blog space. That isn't particularly good blogging, so I'll just thank my hosts again. If any of you can use my blog space, please let me know.

I'm extremely grateful for my beta readers. They spotted things that really tightened up the story. As writers, we get so close to a project that we can't see everything. Fresh eyes really help with the fine tuning.

It was a ton of work, and most of the posts were written by request. These include the Lisa visits, and several where the host challenged me to something different. Some of the items were pre-written, but even those had to be written at some time.

The good news is that these posts are saved on iCloud. In a couple of months, I can run them out with a tour provider I use, and they'll be fresh and new on those sites.

I'm tired, I'm pretty darned happy, and I'm excited for what the future holds for this book. Hopefully, the reviews will come too.

For my next amazing stunt, I'm part way through researching a different kind of ad campaign. I'll probably run an Amazon campaign too. I need to make some better promotional images to use on Twitter and Facebook. I need to submit my story to a review site or two. This stuff will make up my next task list.

Something tells me I need a day off in there somewhere first. My rotating day off is Wednesday this week, and maybe I'll just pick away at my short story for a few hours. Or take a nap, a nap sounds pretty good.


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Join me on Blog Talk Radio tomorrow

For clarity’s sake, today is Friday, November 13, 2015. Some of you might not find this until later, but don’t despair these shows are archived and can be listened to any time.

I’ve been invited by Beem Weeks to be a guest on his program, Beyond The Cover tomorrow. We’re going to be talking about my book, Will O’ the Wisp.

Beem has a book called Jazz Baby that is getting a lot of attention right now. You can check it out here. He is also a WordPress blogger, and his site is here. His Twitter handle is @BeemWeeks.

Beem is a fellow member of the Rave Reviews Book Club, and the club helped set up these radio programs. Those of you who listen live can also participate. Here is how it all works:

The website is Beyond the Cover. Go there, turn your speakers up and enjoy. If you send questions over Twitter, Beem will filter them and ask them over the air. You have to include this hashtag #RRBCBeyondTheCover. You do not have to be a Rave Reviews member to participate, and I’d enjoy hearing from you guys, members or not.

The internet is worldwide, and we aren’t all in the same time zone. The show is at 11:00 AM where I live. To make it easier for you, I found this handy dandy timezone converter. Just enter 11:00 AM in Boise, Idaho on one side, on the other side enter your location and it will tell you when the show is live. Easy peasy.

Check out Beem’s blog and book. He wasn’t obligated to do this for me, and I’d like to support him too. Join us tomorrow on Blog Talk Radio.

I’ll probably Tweet this out a few times tomorrow before the show starts, and appreciate those who do the same for us.


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