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Winds of Change

Everyone seems to be making trips right now. I see bloggers apologizing all over the place. Summer is winding down, school is looming for many. Why the heck should I be any different?

I’m going to miss a post here and there over the next two weeks. I’ll make some and miss others. My paycheck job is sending me away this week, so Wednesday’s gone. I have to help my parents with a project out in the sagebrush this weekend. My blogging goal is to reblog one special post on Friday.

I’m leaving here on Friday, and I’ll try to get it done. Otherwise, no wifi and no cell service until Sunday. You guys might have to reblog it for me. I have faith in you.

On the other hand, I get to use my four wheel drive and wear one of my cowboy hats for a weekend. I’ll pick up the slack when I get home, then I’m gone the following weekend too. Old What’s Her Face* and I are going off by ourselves for a few days.

The idea is, I’ll post, but not at my usual pace. I’m sure my stats will reflect this, but it will all recover.

* Not my wife’s real name


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