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Home again…

At least for a while. My paycheck job took me to North Idaho for a few days. During this time, I missed some of your posts. This happens from time to time and there isn't much I can really do about it.

There is a trick I pull, and it might be interesting to my fellow bloggers. I surf into my stats and find the one about my most frequent commenters. I can click on them and go directly to their blogs. The point is that bloggers enjoy interaction, and I try to never miss those who interact the most. I may not be unique here, and it pays to interact on the blogs you enjoy. Say hi, leave a comment, it matters.

I'll get back in the swing for a few days, then we're taking a real vacation to the coast. I'll keep in touch, but won't give up family time or events either.

We saw several large forest fires on our trip. I'm always the driver, so I don't have any photos for you. Everyone else snapped a few. There is one East of Grangeville that looks like a volcano on top of the mountains. All of Idaho is covered in smoke, and visibility is limited.

I have company coming in today, so this post is going to be short. I need to accomplish a few promotional things before they arrive. I'm working on September and even October events, but it all happens in August.

Please visit Ali Isaac's blog today. She's running something new called Friday Fantastic Flash and asking for participants. I participated, and you should too. When I checked my stats this morning, I noticed something funny. My re-blog of Ali's site was my 666th post. Had I known that I would have prepared something paranormal, but my micro fiction is a bit of science fiction fun.

To come full circle, leave a comment at Ali's site. She participates in her comments too, and I'm checking regularly to answer any comments I might get.


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I really should post tonight

I always post something on Mondays. In fact, the only days I usually skip are Tuesday and Thursday. It seems like I always have something to say, but never on Tuesday or Thursday.

I checked my Idea Mill folder, but it’s empty right now. I threw in an amalgamation of stuff on yesterday’s post and should have milked it for several posts. I could have gotten a whole post out of my business card idea. Then I could have asked if anyone knows a decent place to get the cards made.

I know I could have gotten a whole post about my dog. Readers love dog posts. This is a happy post too, and it would have been popular.

My editing fights with Doubt could have tonight’s post. The dog and the business cards could have taken me to Friday. I’m just not looking at my process the right way. I have to learn to pace myself.

They say blogging regularly is the best way to increase my number of followers. That’s why I really should post something tonight. I really want to increase my number of followers. I see blogs all the time boasting thousands of followers. That would be cool.

Maybe I should challenge everyone to increase my number of followers. If I did it right I could get 666 followers by Halloween. That would be so cool. I really should post something.

I could tell everyone about the awesome review I got for Wild Concept today. I’m not into all that “Look at me” stuff. Still, sometimes you just have to cowboy up and do a bit of promotion. I’ll just include a subtitle link to Wild Concept and those who like my posts about Lisa can check it out. There are other books available, but I’d better save those for a different day. People might think I’m being pushy.

I could talk about how happy I am for pumpkin beer season. It’s starting to show up in stores right now. Then again, I post about beer all the time. I don’t want readers to think I’m a lush.

If I ever figure out what to write about, I swear I’ll start pacing myself.  One topic per post, even if it makes a really short post.

Look at that; I posted tonight.


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