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Storyboards and Living Documents

Originally posted on Crime Fiction Writer Sue Coletta:
Things are crazy right now for me, working with my editor and setting up a new computer — all these foreign keys make me feel like I’ve never used a computer before…


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I hate not having topics

I enjoy blogging, I really do. Talking with everyone that stops over is fun. My life is just kind of boring right now. Work has been consistent and gets the bulk of my time. That’s no fun to talk about. … Continue reading


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Buncha Random Stuff

I was going to write this like a Writing Cabin post, but there’s more to it than that allows. I don’t often talk about it, but the way I work involves planning out multiple stories in my head, sometimes years … Continue reading


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My 2022 Business Plan

This is another annual event here at Entertaining Stories. I recap the year I finished, then some time after all the resolution posts have cleared out of WordPress, I post my business plan. A few years ago, I decided that … Continue reading


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No writing for you!

This is my short weekend, and I had one important chore to attend to. The appointment fell at about the perfect time to disrupt my whole Saturday. I got my second Covid vaccination today. I wanted to jump aboard Lanternfish … Continue reading


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Nothing like a long drive

I woke up at five o’clock on Sunday. By visiting my parents, I missed out on a visit from my daughter. Old What’s Her Face said if I got on the road by seven, our daughter would stick around Boise … Continue reading


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I morn for the lost time

This weekend wasn’t a productive one for me. My wife was off, and we tend to hang out together. (Imagine that.) We dedicated a bit of time complaining about how our furnace went out. This one is all computerized and … Continue reading


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Lorelei Comes for a Visit

My company left at around 10:30 this morning. I haven’t honestly had a writing day since before Christmas and was looking forward to some quality time. I arrived at the writing cabin and got ready to work. My robotic personal … Continue reading


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Business Plan 2021

It looks like that time again. I try to prepare a business plan for my writing career every January. These have been some of my most popular posts over the years, but that isn’t why I write them. I feel … Continue reading


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Back in action

I got to the writing cabin fairly early this morning. Lisa Burton met me at the door wearing a green and white mini-dress with matching elf cap. “What are you doing here?” “I work here from time to time, remember?” … Continue reading


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