Can’t whine about 2200 words

I got up really late this morning. I think my weeks are getting longer and more difficult. Probably a result of aging, but there it is.

Morning was loaded with interruptions. I took a call from my daughter, and we have to make some plans for a serious road trip very soon. On top of that, the dogs needed… everything. Seriously, squirrels, the neighbor dog that always leads to a game of chase up the fence, someone walking by the Ring doorbell. If it could interrupt, it did. They’re out there barking at some other dog right now.

Still, I’d reached a point in my story where things could just flow. This was Jenny’s interview with the fallen network anchorman, and you can think of it like a mini-mentor scene. I need to put some thought into how the next step is going to unfold, but now there are some tips from this mentor.

I need to find that point in my space opera. Right now, Percy and friends haven’t even gotten their ship into space. He will, but I don’t just want to repeat all the ooh-aah, moments from the first book. Readers will have experienced that, so I need to glaze over it a bit.

Maybe tomorrow, I’ll put him into space and see what happens.

2200 words is nothing to complain about, and I need to find Jenny’s next clue fairly soon. I don’t mind a bit of daydreaming before writing it down. That’s the beauty of two stories at once. If I can get the space opera to that point, I should be in good shape moving ahead.

This afternoon, I need to cobble together my next Story Empire post. The creature feature posts were popular, but it’s time for something new. I have it written out, so it’s a matter of pasting it in and finding a graphic to include. I also have the post after that roughed out, and it’s unusual for me to be that far ahead.

We had clouds and snow on Thursday. No Northern Lights for me. I got up multiple times to look last night, but I’ve missed it again. Even with the time I spent in the Arctic as a younger man, I’ve never seen them. Hope I get a realistic chance one day.

Hope all of you are finding some writing time, or forsaking that for something really fun.



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23 responses to “Can’t whine about 2200 words

  1. Definitely nothing to sneeze at considering the obstacles.

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  2. You and I share having never seen the Northern Lights. Maybe someday. Your word found sounds great. Takes me five days to do 2500. Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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  3. Sounds good to me, Craig. As John said, enjoy your weekend. Have fun while you get it done!

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  4. Gwen M. Plano

    To reach that magical moment when everything flows means you’re in the heart of your story. Congratulations, Craig. I can’t wait to read this latest achievement. 😊

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  5. Victoria Zigler

    Awesome word count, especially considering the interruptions. I love my dogs, but those days when everything sets them off aren’t my favourite, that’s for sure.

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  6. Glad Jenny’s starting to flow. Then the ideas usually keep coming. Hope Percy hits his stride soon. He can be a bit demanding when he thinks you’re avoiding him:)

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  7. Great word count despite the interruptions, Craig. I can see the advantage of working on two stories at the same time, just not sure my brain is geared that way.

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  9. It never fails that when I sit down to write, Bond thinks that’s his cue to want outside (screened porch or leashed on the patio), walk across the keyboard, or just meow loudly in general. And you have it double.

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  10. D.L. Finn, Author

    Even with your interuptions productive word count, Craig 😉 I have never seen the northern lights either. It was too cloudy here even if they did come this far south.

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  11. Hi Craig, I feel a bit like this too. My husband still cannot drive after his seizure in early January and I have to do all the school runs and other driving around to the pharmacy, the shops, and other places as well as work twice a week. It really eats into my available time. And, of course, I have been drawing so that also takes some time but it’s more relaxing for me right now than trying to write only twice a week and having to recapture the threads on a Saturday after five days away. I have managed lots of poetry and a few short stories.

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