No idea about word count

This was a week from hell, like so many at my workplace. Wound up putting in a bunch of extra hours and was kind of tired today. That poses a problem, because my only writing days are Saturdays in this new world order. Do, or don’t do. Thanks, Yoda.

I elected to work on my science fiction project this morning. Jenny has been spinning her wheels after her promotion. She’s trying to help her son get through college and dreaming of doing some investigative reporting.

It sounds like a lot of dragging components, but she’s uncovering important things as she pokes around. She doesn’t see the big picture yet. Hopefully, readers will want to piece some things together as they go.

I introduced two lesser characters today. One is a disgraced network anchor who might be able to do some mentoring. The other is a billionaire (on television) who wants to enter the vanity space race. It all seems unimportant right now, but will come together later.

Honestly, this one is a challenge for me. Many of my characters have an obvious problem to overcome. Jenny is working from a position of desires and kind of fumbling around.

My intention is to have a slow burn, but I don’t want to bore anyone while smoldering. This is a new method for me.

Her next move will be to find and speak with the former anchorman. I intend to have some fun with a man who doesn’t want to be found and my heroine who needs some advice.

I could have gone a bit further, but really am not at my best after the week I had. There were some family concerns in the mix as well and it was all a bit overwhelming. Everything appears to be fine now.

My failure was in hearing Pirates of the Caribbean music from the living room. Old What’s Her Face almost always watches Harry Potter, but apparently he wasn’t available today. The Pirates films were alway among my favorites, so here we are. Time for my Davy Jones fix.

Word count feels somewhere in the neighborhood of 1100 to 1200, but I didn’t keep actual count.



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48 responses to “No idea about word count

  1. I’m a cozy mystery lover, and I actually enjoy slow burns better than the grab you by the throat, then zip to flashbacks mystery starts. They can annoy me sometimes. As long as I can tell that things that seem small are going to add up to something big, I’m in. Sorry about your crappy work week. I don’t know why businesses feel they have to change things workers like to things THEY think will jerk more work out of them. I’ve seen this pattern before, and trying to squeeze the last ounce of motivation out of workers seems like a dumb idea to me. I don’t think if pays off in the end.

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  2. You’re getting it done, Craig.

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  3. At least there were pirates. Hope you have a super Sunday

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  4. Sounds like an interesting story. People like puzzles.

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  5. After the week you had, a little decompression was needed, Craig. Any word count is good, in my opinion. This sounds like a different approach to storytelling for you. Can’t wait to see how it all comes out. I’ll be standing in line for a copy! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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  6. Gwen M. Plano

    What a week you’ve had! My career was high drama and long hours, and at the end of the day, I rarely had a creative thought. You maneuver through the chaos and find the inspiration to write–that’s amazing. Bravo!

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  7. Amazing you can work through all that, and I agree that Davy Jones would be better listening!

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  8. If you think about it, having the mini-mystery of finding the former news anchor will be a twofer. It provides immediate action, and it establishes her cred as an investigative reporter when she succeeds. Also, if the former anchor has any skeletons in the closet, she could find them while seeking him out.

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  9. After a wretched work week and the other problems you had going on, I’d say you deserved some down time with a good movie or two!

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  10. Hang in there, Craig. It’s been a rough week here too. Especially with the weather last night and today. Nightmare driving.

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  11. D.L. Finn, Author

    Sorry about your week, but your story seems to be blooming. I can’t pass up Pirates either.

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  13. You need headphones, Craig. They’re my saving grace.

    Sorry work sucks lately. Hope it improves for you soon.

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  14. It’s still progress. And pirate distractions are always welcome in my opinion.

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  15. I find Pirate music very distracting too, Craig. I think it’s a past-life thing. 🙂 Sorry it was such a tough week. Sometimes they can’t be avoided. I hope things smooth out and return to normal (whatever that my be).

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  16. Sounds like an interesting story. People like puzzles.

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  17. Victoria Zigler

    If you have words at all, you’re on to a winner. I don’t even remember when I was able to sit down and do some writing last. This year has so far mostly involved me cancelling my planned writing sessions because either something comes up or I’m just too mentally exhausted to do anything but sit there trying not to use my laptop as a pillow. I tell you this in hopes it makes you feel better about your decreased writing hours these days.

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  18. Hi Craig, I can definitely identify with being to tired to get a lot of writing done. I am heading into a busier time now too. Sigh! Oh well, it pays the bills, doesn’t it and we can look forward to quieter times.

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  19. It’s a tough and anxiety-producing life to juggle all that is life and still have the energy to be light and artistic in our story writing. Your words about “the slow burn” reminded me of what I do when aiming to write good suspense. I watch Hitchcock movies, truly the master of suspense. I watch the endings over and over. “Strangers on a Train” for example has a breathtaking final scene, the carousel scene. Sometimes we don’t have the energy to write much, but a good movie might help.

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