Still fumbling

I decided to work on Percy the Space Chimp today. Getting both these stories flowing has taken me more time than I anticipated.

Honestly, since Percy involves a sequel, I thought it would be up and running a little faster. I feel the need to at least do some minor reintroductions of the characters, because there could be someone out there who reads them months apart.

Prejudice is one thing that kind of sets Percy off, so that’s where I went. It allowed me to revisit his relationship with Buffer Dole, and the clones got some page time, too. They managed to obtain their course from the spy network and avoided throttling the crap out of some people.

All I have to do is get them to their ship and send them into the unclaimed part of the galaxy.

I might have been better served to get my Earth based science fiction tale to the point where it’s really flowing before starting Percy back up. Doesn’t matter now, because they’re both underway.

It came to a little over 1000 words today, but I might take a crack at some more this evening. Old What’s Her Face is watching Harry Potter once again, and I’ve kind of seen enough of it.

I’m generally used to higher word counts than I’ve been getting lately, and my winter break might not have been the best idea.

Either way, this is where I am right now. Might even get a small chance tomorrow. Hope all of you are safe from the major storms and getting to do something fun.



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39 responses to “Still fumbling

  1. Just getting back to things myself. Not sure where to start, lol. We’ll see what works.

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  2. Sometimes fumbling is part of getting it right.

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  3. My word count lately has been worse than pitiful. I’m finding it hard to concentrate. Lots pulling at me. Congrats on getting 1,000!

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  4. Sequels and series always have the tricky re-introduction issue. If a person continues on fairly quickly then they’ll remember the characters. If it’s been a while or they jump into the middle then they might need help. Definitely one of the more challenging balancing acts.

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  5. Writing is a sore subject around here, and not sure why… Glad some one else is managing okay!

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  6. Victoria Zigler

    The way I see it, if there’s any progress – whether it’s slow fumbling, words pouring from you, or somewhere in between – it all adds up, evens out in the end, and gets you closer to finishing the first draft. And once you’ve got that first draft done, you have plenty to work with to turn it in to an awesome new book.

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  7. Gwen M. Plano

    All in all, you’re doing great, Craig. I’m impressed by your persistence. 😊

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  8. Fumbling sometimes leads to more interesting stories.

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  9. you still amaze me with working on multiple stories at a time.

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  11. I decided to set a 500 daily word count goal. I’m a slow writer, so it usually works for me. Actually exceeded it yesterday. Now you see why I’m so envious of your word counts, Craig, lol.

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  12. It’s always slow going for me when I start a new book. It takes me a while to feel comfortable and get into the flow. So I think 1000 words is great.

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  13. D.L. Finn, Author

    I have to refocus too. Any work done is progress!

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  14. 1000 words… doesn’t sound to me like you’re fumbling.

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  15. A thousand words isn’t that bad, Craig. I know you’re usually more productive than that, but you’ll get into the swing of it again, I’m sure. 😀

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  16. Hi Craig, you are such a writing machine I generally think you never hit a stumbling or fumbling block of any kind. It’s good to know you are human – smile! As for Harry Potter, I only liked book 4.

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