Redemption. A father’s fatal decision

Let’s all welcome Gwen Plano to Entertaining Stories today. Gwen is an incredible author, and one of my Story Empire colleagues. She’s here to tell us all about her newest publication. The site is your’s Gwen

Thank you, Craig, for inviting me to your site today. It’s a pleasure to visit your readers and share a bit about my new release. I look forward to doing the same for you.

Redemption, A Father’s Fatal Decision is a mystery thriller that takes place in the Southeast corner of New York state, in the towns of New Rochelle and Cortlandt. In the excerpt below, the characters travel to Fishers Island, New York in Long Island Sound. Having spent about twenty years in and around that area, it was exciting to visit as a writer.

The book tackles themes of forgiveness and redemption through suspense. We accompany the son and daughter of the deceased as they try to uncover the reason for their father’s murder. What they discover prompts them to ask if they even knew him.

Sometimes complicated situations help us see our own challenges in a different light. That is my hope for this book. Most of us won’t experience threats like those of my characters, but pain is universal, as is joy. Seeing either in the extreme helps us recognize our own—and severe or elated, those emotions are impactful.

In this excerpt, Lisa and Trace Holmes, along with their friend Ryan, ride a ferry to Fishers Island. They go at the request of the siblings’ mother. There’s something important she wants them to retrieve, but that something is a mystery. On the ferry, Ryan and Lisa are surprised to discover a matter of the heart.

The ferry pulls away from the dock, and the trio watches the village cottages come into view. The playground near their cottage is absent of children. The only evidence of life comes from an older couple, who walk their dog on the beach. Lisa spots a blue building. “Look. Just like the one in the painting.”

“No kidding.” Trace stares. “You were right that the painting was a clue. It looks like the painter worked from a photo taken right here on this ferry. It’s a leap, but I believe we’re on the right path.”

The mainland shoreline grows more distant, and the threesome weave through groups of passengers to the bow of the boat, where they can see the approaching island.

The moist wind sends Lisa’s hair flying. She brushes it away from her face and tries—unsuccessfully—to knot it at the nape of her neck, now ruddy from the morning breeze. As the waves hit, the ferry rocks, and Lisa with it. She struggles to keep her balance. Ryan edges closer, and shoulder-to-shoulder with her, Ryan waves to the seagulls.

The ferry bumps against the dock buffers abruptly, and Ryan grabs Lisa when she staggers. She smiles, and his features light up.

An announcement sounds over the public address system: “All passengers need to return to their cars. Deboarding begins in ten minutes.”


Family secrets can be deadly. When Lisa Holmes visits her parents one fateful Saturday morning, she hugs her father and walks to her childhood bedroom. The doorbell rings. Her father opens the door, and one minute later, he lies dead on the floor—three bullets to the chest.

The Holmes family lives on a quiet street, but no one really knows Eric Holmes. He travels for business and comes home a few days each month. Unbeknown to all, Eric has multiple lives. 

In this fast-paced psychological thriller, Lisa and her brother, Trace, embark on a quest to solve the mystery involving the murder of their father. The journey takes them into a secret world where nothing is as it seems. As the puzzle pieces begin to coalesce, theydiscover the meaning of Redemption.




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41 responses to “Redemption. A father’s fatal decision

  1. This book is already on my reading list, and I can’t wait to start reading!

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  2. I remember this scene… a wonderful scene from a wonderful book!

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  4. I enjoyed this read so much. Another great excerpt, Gwen. Wishing you every success!
    Craig, thanks for hosting Gwen today.

    Hugs 💕🙂

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  5. I started reading Redemption last night, needless to say, I’m sleepy this morning. The book definitely grabs you in from the start. Congratulations to Gwen! Thanks for hosting today, Craig.

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  6. Wonderful excerpt! Redemption is such an engrossing book. I enjoyed it immensely and highly recommend it. Congratulations to Gwen, and thanks for hosting, Craig!

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  7. I recently finished reading Redemption and I think it’s my favorite of your books to date, Gwen.

    Thanks for hosting today, Craig.

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  8. Gwen M. Plano

    Thank you, Joan, for your kind words. I’m so glad you liked it. 😊

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  9. Congratulations, Gwen. I’m reading Redemption now and enjoying it. Thaks to Craig for hosting.

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  10. I really enjoyed this book. Wishing Gwen much success.

    Thanks for hosting, Craig.

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  11. This was a good read and I enjoyed it. Gwen took us on quite a journey with this family and Ryan. Thank you, Craig, for hosting and wishing Gwen the best.

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  12. Great excerpt! Good luck the book, Gwen. And thanks for hosting, Craig.

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  13. Gwen M. Plano

    Thank you for the good wishes, Judi. 😊

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  14. D.L. Finn, Author

    Great post and a book I loved!

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  15. On my list, Gwen. I’m looking forward to reading it. 🙂

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  16. Gwen M. Plano

    Thank you so much, Tim. Five-toed Tigress awaits me on my Kindle. I’m very much looking forward to the read. 😊

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  17. Another great excerpt – and I love the cover, Gwen!

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  18. I found the book to be a real page-turner!

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  19. Excerpts are worth their weight. And I live in Plano!

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  20. It’s great to see Gwen here, Craig. I remember this scene well. Congrats to Gwen on another wonderful stop on her tour and an excellent read. 🙂

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