Story Challenges

Word count was minimal today. Less than 1000 words. I like challenging myself, and this is posing plenty of those.

My characters, Jenny and her son, went on a little road trip. This was feasibly to help with his college report, but it was to the site of the last cattle mutilation they are aware of.

Note: I’ve already changed the son’s name three times. I need to stick with it and possibly do a word search later if something clicks.

Jenny explored the idea this could be related to the Green River Killer, but this thought passed fairly quickly.

I also fell down a research rabbit hole. Geology and radioactive materials. There was a uranium mine in Eastern Washington, but I don’t have a great reason to visit there. There is also one reactor and I mentioned that in passing.

What I need to do is work up a shadowy group to follow and intimidate during whatever Jenny is getting into. I know about what I want, but it hasn’t formed fully in my mind.

I resisted finding one of the biggest clues today. It’s too soon in the story for that. I’ll probably intro the sourpuss old mentor Jenny needs to see this all the right way.

Not a real productive day, but I had a nice conversation with Mom, and Old What’s Her Face and I got to enjoy a nice Sunday Breakfast.

Just to keep things interesting, let’s have another Pinterest Board. This one is a subset of cars Maybe you need one of these for something you’re writing.



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27 responses to “Story Challenges

  1. Ah, good old cattle mutilations. Always fun to put in a story for some mystery and shock.

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  2. It’s developing, I can tell. Things are starting to point to more things. They’re going to come together. Have fun!

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  3. D.L. Finn, Author

    Sounds like ideas are blooming for you, Craig!

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  4. I didn’t write a word this weekend. You got me beat.

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  5. You certainly made a lot of progress for a weekend, Craig. You should pat yourself on the back! Another interesting Pinterest board, Craig. I love the 1939 Cadillac hearse and the Japanese funeral car.

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  6. I’m changing the name of one of my characters, also. The name didn’t seem right for him, and then I found a name I’d put in my notes several months ago, and it’s perfect. Weird how that happens.

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  7. Victoria Zigler

    Sounds like a good day, and like the story is progressing well.

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  8. My, you found some beautiful (and, in some cases, odd) hearses!

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  9. Your rabbit holes are always interesting, Craig. And interesting hearses. The ones that display the coffin are soooo creepy.

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  10. HI Craig, it is amazing what you find when you start researching a topic.

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