A break from routine

Old What’s Her Face and I are both taking a vacation day today. My Christmas present from her was two tickets to see Larkin Poe live at The Knitting Factory in Boise.

We dragged our feet getting out of the house last night, but in the end it meant we didn’t have to stand in arctic temperatures in a long line. We had a reserved table, so fighting for a seat wasn’t part of the deal.

It’s a small venue, and we were incredibly close to the stage.

That’s the dance floor between me and the performers. The table area was slightly raised, so seeing over everyone’s heads was no problem.

This wound up being an incredible performance. The younger sister has huge stage presence and a wonderful voice. Her older sibling is a virtuoso on that slide guitar. If you ever get the chance, I highly recommend seeing them. in an age of auto-tuners and synthetic background, it’s nice to see someone who does it the old-school way, and does it well.

At our ages, the hard plastic chairs became a little tiresome by the end, and we’re both expressing our aches and pains today. Thus, the reason for the day off.

If only we could get Kenny Wayne Shepherd or Samantha Fish to come here one day. They regularly tour together. I found out KWS is going to be in Bend, Oregon in May. We’d need someone to watch the bulldogs to pull that off.

As for me, I’ve vowed not to do a damned thing today. No editing, or other authorly gyrations. We’re watching The Last Witch Hunter on TV and the rest of the day will probably play out the same way.



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37 responses to “A break from routine

  1. Glad you had a good time. Enjoy your day. Sometimes we need a complete break from all things writing related.

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  2. A bit of relaxation can aid one’s productivity, in my opinion.

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  3. Sounds like a really good time. Enjoy your day off.

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  4. Sounds like a fun time. Enjoy your day off.

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  5. This sounds like a wonderful time for you and your wife! Something extra special. I love it. And glad you’re both just going to enjoy your day off. Enjoy!

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  6. Nice seats! Being vertically challenged (read short), I always appreciate elevated seating.

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  7. Sounds like a fabulous idea, Craig! You both have earned it! Enjoy and hugs.

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  8. That sounds like fun, Craig. I envy you and the love of your life. I haven’t been to a live performance in a couple of years. And I’m soooo glad you didn’t worry yourself about writing “stuff.” Yay for you and yours!! 😊

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  9. What a wonderful day! It sounds like you had a great time. Good for you. Fun breaks like that are so needed!

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    • I gave a fleeting thought to a character that I’m developing, but didn’t even make notes. If he’s not strong enough he’ll disappear. If he is, he’ll visit me again. Wonderful concert and we haven’t been to one from years.


  10. Sounds like a great show, Craig! I love it when the performers are organic and their talent is real. So glad you got to go!

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  11. Fantastic that you both had a great time. I’m late here, so I guess I need to hope you ‘had’ a good day off rather than ‘have’. Time zones confuse me, lols. Hugs 💕🙂

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  12. Sounds like a great evening. I hope you enjoyed your day off.

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  13. D.L. Finn, Author

    Glad you enjoyed your show! Have a fun do mothing day:)

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  14. Isn’t getting older a pain – so many things that you have to cut down on or suffer the consequences. It sounds like a great evening and day too.

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  15. Brilliant. I heard them live by Lake Bled in (my country of origin) Slovenia, outdoors and for free. It was beautiful. They came on stage with such power and simply slayed till the end.

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  16. Victoria Zigler

    Glad you enjoyed the show (despite the aches and pains resulting from the chairs). Sounds like a wonderful break from your routine.

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  17. What a great band, saw them in Austin at Antone’s (THE Antone’s that SRV came up through) in a very small show – best live show I’ve ever seen – I just love those two.

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