A different angle on editing

I’m down to the final reading of each manuscript. This is something I always do, but since I have three, there might be an option.

Today, I started out reading one chapter, then switching stories to do the same thing. Right now, I’m up to about seven on each story.

I did this, because when I get into the tale, I start enjoying it, then I miss things. I have no illusions about missing something. There’s always some stupid thing that gets published.

It honestly feels like it’s working better to do it this way. Doubt I’ll ever have three finished stories at the same time again, but this one time it feels right.

I’ve also decided I still have to do a final final reading only concentrate on one entire book. Maybe I made more work for myself, but if the product is some small degree better, it will be worth it.

I started watching The Last of Us on HBO last night. Pedro still has to impress me after that dismal Wonder Woman movie. Honestly, it doesn’t look like much goes into being The Mandalorian. That’s about my favorite thing of the last few years, but he’s a guy in a suit 99.9% of the time.

The girl from Game of Thrones is fun, but the one who died early on was, too. I am enjoying the settings. I can recognize some of the fungi that went into making them, like shelf mushrooms and slime molds.

I actually wrote slime molds into the SF book I’m editing right now. These things are cool, because they move, have a certain amount of memory, and a few other amazing things. I’m not creating zombies out of them, but modifying their genes to have them perform useful tasks, like identifying minefields.

The show makers seem to have done their research into fungi. They shouldn’t be completely bound by facts, and they aren’t, but it’s nice to see some of the small inclusions. Things like “root” systems that can cover miles. Some fungi could be the largest things on Earth if you consider acreage over weight.

Things otherwise are kind of boring. Work has been extreme and home feels like a food and sleep station around the office. Things seem to cycle like that, and I’m looking forward to a week where things dial back a little.

I might get another lap of editing this evening. Right now, I need the break, and might not return to it until Sunday.

Hope all of you are having a great weekend.



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24 responses to “A different angle on editing

  1. Never liked editing myself. It is in that necessary evil camp.

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  2. I find reading the story aloud, or having the computer read it to me, helps me find typos and those kinds of things. I’ve tried once reading it backward (not truly backward, but starting by the last chapter, not to get lost in the story and miss things). It helped a bit as well. Good luck with editing.

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  3. Interesting angle on editing, Craig. How much you get done impresses me, for sure. Keep it up! 🙂

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  4. Sounds like an interesting approach, changing manuscripts like that.

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  5. I remember reading that the game creators were inspired by a real fungus. So they tried to stay as close to reality as they could while maintaining the fiction. Guess the series did the same.

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  6. Halfway through the weekend, and it hasn’t been great really. Hopefully, today will be better. For a start, I don’t have any editing to do…

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  7. I used to hate editing, but lately I’ve grown to enjoy it. It’s a way to polish and make our stories the best they can be.

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  8. You’re getting there! You can see the light at the end of the tunnel. And then you can start on a new project. AND you’ll have three books ready to publish, even though you’re holding on to one of them. It’s still ready. Pretty impressive.

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  9. Hi, Craig. I’m in a similar situation right now with the edits. I’ve set two in the background at the moment and I’m trying to go through the third and get all my notes down so I have them when I do a final edit. I’ve never tried this approach before but I think it’ll help me out. I tend to forget names and other details while I write and this will help me pull everything together, I think. It’s just been too bad that I’ve been ill again which is slowing and sabotaging the process.

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  10. I’ve watched the first episode of The Last of Us – I’m behind. I kept wondering where I’d seen that young actor before and you just reminded me – Game of Thrones.

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