Blood everywhere today

I’ve been writing a little for the last four days. I haven’t really tried to keep a word count for a couple of days, but it’s substantial.

Today, Mari caught up with the people that murdered her entire family, and left her for dead back in the swamp. She’s been through hell getting to this point, so I didn’t spare the details of what it’s like.

There were seven men opposing her, but at least she got to deal with them in chunks. This section is gory, bloody, and painful.

I figure if she could hang in there for this, maybe readers were deserving a payoff, too. There is plenty of blood, shit, and snot to go around in this section.

Part of me is already thinking of toning it down, but I decided to write this post before I did something stupid. Even a month from now, if I figure it’s going to offend someone’s sensibilities I can make a change. No sense ruining it this afternoon.

I ended it with Mari surrendering to the local sheriff and looking forward to her hanging. The other side is where her family is now. I need to keep that mindset for tomorrow’s writing session.

I think it turned out well, but I have other things that need tending. I have some Story Empire posts to schedule, and I need to write out my business plan for next year.

Since slacking off for a couple of weeks we haven’t had a Pinterest board to check out. This is almost like a notebook for me. This one is tough for me to share. I call it The One I May Never Write. It’s been on my mind again, but I need something special to make it one of my stories. Witch doctors come to mind, but it still needs reasoning and thought behind it. Check it out and let me know what you think.


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19 responses to “Blood everywhere today

  1. OMG, it freaked me out seeing an adult zebra’s head in an alligator’s mouth! Ugh! Your Pinterest post made me think of the beginning of League of Gentlemen with the witch doctor and Sean Connery. Made me wonder about a witch doctor working with an EVIL Tarzan who can make animals do his bidding. Who meets an EVIL Jane. A Bonnie and Clyde of the jungle. See what happens when a writer looks at another person’s prompts? Yikes!

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  2. Love the camp photos and furniture. Need one of those portable bars and a Hemmingway desk. Those single-bolt rifles are to die for.

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  3. That post title threw me off so much. 😳

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  4. Hi Craig, it sounds like you’ve spent your time well. Stephen ‘king has loads of gore in his books so there is a market for it. Happy New Year.

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  5. Victoria Zigler

    Glad you got a good chunk of writing in. Hope you get all the tasks on your to-do list completed soon.

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  6. If you’re thinking of censoring yourself, it’s definitely good to let the story sit for a while. Then I would ask yourself if the way it’s written now is consistent with the character, and with the over all tone of the story.

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  7. You wouldn’t be offending me at all, lol. That scene wouldn’t be for shock value – sounds like it fits perfectly in the story.

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