This! Was my vacation day??

This was one of those rare opportunities that shows up occasionally. If I take one day off, I could garner four days in a row. Tomorrow is a holiday and it all just fell together.

My plan was to catch up with both of my manuscripts, then add new words. I read through my Hat project over the weekend, so that left my post apocalyptic story.

I spent the morning getting familiar with it once more. I left it at an interesting place, so I figured I might add some new words.

When Old What’s Her Face got off work, she wanted me to go pick up the dog’s meds. She said, “You can get your hair cut while you’re out.”

This really wasn’t my plan, and the vet is a forty-mile round trip from the house. I may have huffed a bit.

She said, “You can do it all tomorrow. Otto isn’t completely out of pills.”

That was enough for me. Rather than lose full momentum for two days, I loaded up and went to town. One bit of good news came from the trip. Turns out the vet made an arrangement with Costco now. They can call the meds in there for us. (Massive volume buying power.)

It’s about fifteen minutes from the house, and their price is 50% off. Doesn’t help this time, but will help in the future. It’s even on my route home from work. Since I was out anyway, I stopped an got my hair cut.

There’s a fairly good chance that I’ll have Mari digging up a fresh grave before bed time tonight. If not, she’ll be doing it in the morning.

Today wasn’t perfect, but those things needed to get done, too. It isn’t like I’m getting George R.R. Martin level hate mail to hurry up and get my next book out there.

Here’s to tomorrow! New words for sure. That’s what I enjoy the most, and it’s going to happen.



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33 responses to “This! Was my vacation day??

  1. Had to laugh at the line, “It isn’t like I’m getting George R.R. Martin level hate mail to hurry up and get my next book out there.” I hope you enjoy the rest of the time.

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  2. Good news about the dog meds!

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  3. Sounds like it was progress somewhere. Good luck tomorrow.

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  4. I can so relate to this. My WIP has been screaming for attention but I’ve just been too exhausted this week from work to even attempt anything in the evening. I’m hoping (like you) to add some words tomorrow and over the weekend.

    And that’s great news about Otto’s meds!

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  5. Keep on keeping on. Sounds like a good deal on the dog’s meds.

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  6. Victoria Zigler

    Glad you made some progress.

    That’s good news about the dog meds. Our vet delivers. There is a small fee for it, but since that costs less than it would to get there (and is a whole lot less hassle, since we don’t have a car of our own) I’m happy to pay it.

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  7. I had one of those days Wednesday. Had a hair appointment that morning and it threw my entire day off!

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  8. Hubby and I are having one of those days too. We ended up having car trouble on the way to my hospital appointment this morning, which has mucked up our plans for the rest of today and tomorrow. I got to the appointment, though, so that’s a huge relief.
    So glad you have a better deal on the meds and closer to home for next time! Happy writing when you get to it.
    These days, I find it hard not to collapse at the end of a day full of stuff, but like you, I also need to keep writing.
    Have a wonderful weekend, Craig. Hugs 💕🙂

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  9. Good news about Costco. Enjoy your time off.

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  10. D.L. Finn, Author

    I like the vet meds coming from costco! Enjoy your break “)

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  11. Our vet recommends using Costco and Walmart, too. Glad you’re back to your writing. Mari’s digging up a grave–now that caught my attention:) Should be a fun scene to write.

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  12. I seem to have more of those days than not. I need to retire like Joan. LOL. Glad to hear about the pet meds.

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  13. That’s a good break about the pet meds! You cracked me up when you wound up getting the suggested haircut. 🙂 Glad you got a break from work!

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  14. Bravo, Craig. I finished The Midnight Rambler about 2 weeks ago but it’s been a madhouse with Michael having a second 3-hour operation this week only four weeks after the first one. I will get my review written up this weekend. I do enjoy The Hat.

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